Business & Human Rights Resource Centre /en/_rss?langcode=en&keywords=&pagenum=0&sortby=datedesc en UN experts warn of closing digital space amid COVID-19 pandemic /en/un-experts-warn-of-closing-digital-space-amid-covid-19-pandemic Sun, 02 Aug 2020 04:35:30 +0100 <>UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights 213169 at UN Special Rapporteurs* attending the annual RightsCon conference on human rights in the digital age, the first fully online, stressed that “COVID-19 has made us even more reliant on digital technologies and the space they create for civic engagement. With the closing of civic space and restrictions on offline media, access to universal, open, affordable, secure, and stable Internet is vital to save lives, to prevent abuses, to continue to promote and protect human rights and urgently increase access to information”. “Digital technologies that construct and surround the space in which we conduct our lives during these unprecedented times must not be used by governments or companies to restrict fundamental freedoms, reduce civic space, and target civil society actors, including human rights defenders,” they said. ... “States continue to leverage the Internet and digital technologies to quell dissent, engage in unlawful surveillance, and strip individuals of their capacity for collective action, both online and off. We are deeply concerned that such patterns of abuse have accelerated under the exigencies of the global pandemic,” they said. Cambodia: Leading international human rights organisations and MSIs urge foreign govts. to act on Cambodia human & labour rights /en/cambodia-leading-international-human-rights-organisations-and-msis-urge-foreign-govts-to-act-on-cambodia-human-labour-rights Sun, 02 Aug 2020 06:16:05 +0100 <>Leonie Barrie, Just Style 213170 at "Foreign governments urged to act on Cambodia human rights", 24 July 2020 Foreign governments are being urged to follow the lead of the European Union (EU) and pressure ities in Cambodia to take action to address the human rights situation in the country. The EU will partially suspend Cambodia's Everything But Arms (EBA) trade benefits from 12 August in response to the Cambodian government's "serious and systematic violations" of four human and labour rights conventions. Now 33 leading human rights organisations and multi-stakeholder initiatives want governments in Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States to echo the EU in its call for the respect for human rights. "Our organisations are saying these governments need to urge the Cambodian government to take meaningful measures that reverse the deterioration of Cambodia's human rights situation in order to restore trade preferenes or lift suspension of bilateral aid," they say in a join open letter... Among their demands, they want the Cambodian government to take immediate action by releasing all political prisoners, cease harassment against union leaders, drop treason charges against opposition leader Kem Sokha, investigate attacks against critics of the government, repeal the Law on the Management of the Nation in State of Emergencey, and cooperate with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and UN Special Procedures so that they can fulfill their mandates without interference... Cambodia: Following letter from 33 INGOs & MSIs, Swedish & US Embassy officials urge Cambodian govt. to reopen civic space & respect human rights /en/cambodia-following-letter-from-33-ingos-msis-swedish-us-embassy-officials-urge-cambodian-govt-to-reopen-civic-space-respect-human-rights Sun, 02 Aug 2020 06:35:20 +0100 <>Narim Khuon, CamboJa 213171 at "As EBA cuts near, groups appeal for respect of human rights", 28 July 2020 International civil society groups have called on foreign governments to demand that the Cambodian government address its deteriorating human rights record and restore democracy as the country’s “Everything but Arms” trade tariff breaks are set to be partially revoked next month… The NGOs asked that Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the US echo the EU’s demand that the Cambodian government take concrete actions to address the human rights situation in the country.  However, a Justice Ministry spokesman emphasized that the organizations’ appeal has no influence on Cambodia as the country is upholding its own laws as a sovereign nation… Justice Ministry spokesman Chin Malin said … that the call from the civil society organizations has no influence over the government, noting that HRW operates without professionalism… The US Embassy in Phnom Penh said via email … that the United States has consistently raised concerns about human rights and democracy in Cambodia and urged the government to take steps to reopen the political and civic space. “We support the Cambodian people and their constitutional right to democracy and fundamental freedoms,” embassy spokesman Chad Roedemeier said. Camilla Monsine Ottosson, first secretary for democracy, human rights and the labour market at the Swedish embassy said via email … that as a member state of the EU, Sweden stands with the union in its call for Cambodia to respect human rights. “Sweden has on numerous occasions and at different levels brought up deep concern regarding the situation in Cambodia,” Monsine Ottosson said… Cambodia: INGOs & MSIs urge international community to act on Cambodia's human & labour rights; the effect of EBA's decision is due on 12 August /en/cambodia-ingos-msis-urge-international-community-to-act-on-cambodias-human-labour-rights-the-effect-of-ebas-decision-is-due-on-12-august Sun, 02 Aug 2020 06:48:30 +0100 <>Phoung Vantha & Gerald Flynn, Cambodianess 213172 at "International Community Urged to Act over Human Rights Abuses in Cambodia", 23 July 2020 A collection of 33 civil society organizations … urged 13 governments of democratic countries to echo the European Union (EU) in its call for the respect of human rights and democratic freedoms in Cambodia. “We urge your government to call on the Cambodian government to comply with its obligations under international human rights law and to support the EU in its efforts to bring respect for human rights, rule of law, and democracy to the Cambodian people,” they said. …, the statement called for greater freedoms within Cambodia’s civil society, trade unions, media and political space… The … statement was issued to the governments of Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States of America… Robertson noted that many of the countries addressed in the statement were also signatories to the 1991 Paris Peace Agreements and that Human Rights Watch—along with the other 32 groups—were requesting the 13 countries to help ensure Cambodia lives up to its pledge to democracy… However, Phay Siphan—a spokesman for the Cambodian government—dismissed the open letter of the 33 international organizations as mere political rhetoric and added that Cambodia would not negotiate with the EU. He added that the government has already negotiated with the EU in the past and the decision will depend on the EU. However, he said that it would be unfair if the EU decides to withdraw 20 percent of EBA from Cambodia, but declined to comment on alleged human rights abuses… Cambodia: Bangkok South Civil Court grants Class Action Lawsuit status to over 700 Cambodian families suing a Thai sugar company over force eviction /en/cambodia-bangkok-south-civil-court-grants-class-action-lawsuit-status-to-over-700-cambodian-families-suing-a-thai-sugar-company-over-force-eviction Sun, 02 Aug 2020 06:59:45 +0100 <>Amnesty International 213173 at "Cambodia/Thailand: Court ruling on Mitr Phol watershed moment for corporate accountability in SE Asia", 31 July 2020 Responding to … decision by the Bangkok South Civil Court to grant Class Action Lawsuit (CAL) status to more than 700 Cambodian families who are suing Thai sugar giant Mitr Phol after being forcibly evicted from their 澳门线上真人正规博彩homes in 2008-09, Ming Yu Hah, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for Campaigns, said: “Today’s ruling is a watershed moment for human rights and corporate accountability in Southeast Asia. The decision rightly recognises that national borders must not provide corporations with a free pass to act with impunity, nor should they pose a barrier to anyone seeking justice for alleged human rights abuses. “After a decade-long battle, the hundreds of affected Cambodian families will finally have their day in court after years of struggle and destitution. A powerful message has been sent to corporate actors across the region that they will be answerable for their conduct.” Background …, Amnesty International submitted a third-party legal intervention (amicus curiae brief) to the Bangkok South Civil Court in the case of Smit Tit, Hoy Mai &amp; Others vs. Mitr Phol Co. Ltd. The briefing sought to assist the court by setting out relevant international legal principles and standards, including Thailand’s obligations in relation to the right to remedy, access to justice, and non-discrimination in the context of transnational corporate abuses of human rights. Cambodia: NGOs & community representatives applaud Thai Appeal Court following its decision to recognise Class Action in legal battle over force eviction /en/cambodia-ngos-community-representatives-applaud-thai-appeal-court-following-its-decision-to-recognise-class-action-in-legal-battle-over-force-eviction Sun, 02 Aug 2020 07:14:15 +0100 <>CCHR & others 213174 at "Thai Appeal Court decision paves the way for Asia’s first transboundary class action on human rights abuses", 31 July 2020 …, Cambodian plaintiffs representing more than 700 farming families won a landmark appeal allowing them to move forward with their class action against Asia’s largest sugar producer, Mitr Phol.  The transboundary class action Hoy Mai &amp; Others vs. Mitr Phol Co. Ltd. is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.  It was filed under Thai laws permitting a class action to be brought by foreign plaintiffs for abuses committed by a Thai company overseas… The decision recognizing class status, which was delivered today by the Bangkok South Civil Court, allows the families to bring the case as a group, ensuring access to justice and preventing the laborious and costly process of bringing hundreds of individual lawsuits. “Today’s win marks a huge step forward for the plaintiffs and all the people affected by the evictions. The voices of those who have been harmed can now be heard.  The court’s decision shows that access to justice is possible, and that their decade-long fight has not been for nothing,” said Eang Vuthy, Executive director of Equitable Cambodia… It is also a key test of corporate accountability. Mitr Phol is the biggest sugar supplier in the region and has counted some of the world’s largest consumer brands, including Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mars Wrigley and Corbion, as past and current customers... “As a representative of the people in Oddar Meanchey province, I am very happy with this result, I hope to get justice in the future. We will all continue to fight until the end." said Hoy Mai following the decision ... Cambodia: Three NGOs' report shows that govt. appears to use laws to curtail civic space and restrict fundamental freedoms /en/cambodia-three-ngos-report-shows-that-govt-appears-to-use-laws-to-curtail-civic-space-and-restrict-fundamental-freedoms Sun, 02 Aug 2020 07:31:18 +0100 <>CCHR, ADHOC, & SC 213175 at "Fourth Annual Report of Cambodia Fundamental Freedoms Monitor 2019 to 2020", 29 July 2020 The Cambodian Center for Human Rights (“CCHR”), the Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (“ADHOC”) and the Solidarity Center (“SC”) are pleased to announce the release of the Fourth Annual Report of the Cambodia Fundamental Freedoms Monitor, produced by the Fundamental Freedoms Monitoring Project (“FFMP”). The report provides a comprehensive overview of the exercise of freedom of association, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly (“fundamental freedoms”) in the Kingdom of Cambodia… The fourth annual report of the Cambodia Fundamental Freedoms Monitor reveals that the space to exercise fundamental freedoms continues to be restricted. Key developments highlighted in the report include: (a) a continued crackdown on political dissent; (b) silencing of speech, which creates an environment of widespread self-censorship; (c) arbitrary uses of the Criminal Code of Cambodia to discourage public participation and inhibit the exercise of fundamental freedoms – namely the crimes of defamation, plotting, incitement to commit a felony and falsifying information; and (d) a decrease in the public’s understanding of fundamental freedoms. In Year Four, the FFMP recorded persistent restrictions to the fundamental freedoms, carried out by national and local ities, demonstrating a lack of compliance with international human rights law and domestic law. The RGC appears to utilize laws, not to protect fundamental freedoms, but rather to curtail civic space and restrict the exercise of fundamental freedoms… In providing insight into the curtailment of these fundamental freedoms, the FFMP seeks to inform positive legislative developments to bring domestic law in-line with international standards and encourage constructive steps to build an enabling environment for a vibrant civil society. Cambodia: UN special procedures ask govt. for answers over intimidation of LICADHO senior staff following his comments on govt's COVID-19 measures /en/cambodia-un-special-procedures-ask-govt-for-answers-over-intimidation-of-licadho-senior-staff-following-his-comments-on-govts-covid-19-measures Sun, 02 Aug 2020 07:52:20 +0100 <>Danielle Keeton-Olsen & Ouch Sony, VOD 213176 at "UN Asked Government for Answers Over ‘Intimidation’ of Licadho Official", 28 July 2020 The U.N... publicly released a letter challenging the government over alleged “intimidation” against a Licadho official, as the government continued to attack the group for participating in “a network” of local and international organizations working to “fabricate” news about Cambodia. Am Sam Ath, the rights group’s monitoring manager, was quoted by U.S.-run Radio Free Asia ... saying some arrests over Covid-19-related Facebook posts were likely politically motivated... later, Prime Minister Hun Sen warned that Sam Ath could be arrested over his comments. The U.N. sent its letter to the government two months after the exchange. It seeks answers over government actions that could create a “chilling effect on freedom of expression.” “[W]e are concerned that the public condemnation of and threat to arrest Mr. Am Sam Ath appear directly linked to his work in defence of human rights, and designed to curb the exercise of his right to freedom of expression and his right to defend human rights,” says the letter, written by four U.N. rapporteurs... In its reply, Cambodia’s Permanent Mission to the U.N. said civil society officers including Sam Ath are protected against intimidation, but they need to file “precise information on the alleged intimidation” if they want ities to take appropriate action... As he opened a press conference ..., government spokesman Phay Siphan continued the warnings over “fabrications” as well as a recent wave of criticism against Licadho... Naly Pilorge, Licadho’s director, told ... that the government should value the perspectives of civil society rather than try to suppress them... Cambodia: Preah Sihanouk Court sentences four Chinese nationals & one Vietnamese to between 30 & 36 months of imprisonment for their involvement in deadly building collapse /en/cambodia-preah-sihanouk-court-sentences-four-chinese-nationals-one-vietnamese-to-between-30-36-months-of-imprisonment-for-their-involvement-in-deadly-building-collapse Sun, 02 Aug 2020 09:02:17 +0100 <>Khy Sovuthy, CamboJa 213177 at "Defendants get less than three years over deadly building collapse", 31 July 2020 The Preah Sihanouk Provincial Court … sentenced four Chinese nationals and one Vietnamese national to less than three years in prison each for their involvement in a building collapse in Sihanoukville that killed 28 people and injured 26 … last year.  Preah Sihanouk provincial court spokesman Lim Bun Heng said the court had decided to sentence the five to 2.5 to 3 years in prison each and ordered them to pay a total of 60 to 100 million riel [about $15,000 to $25,000] to the families of each of the dead as well as 20 million riel to each injured worker. The court also ordered them to pay for damages caused to 澳门线上真人正规博彩homes near the site of the collapse… The five convicted this week, including Chinese nationals Cheng Kun, 39; Deng Xing Gui, 48; Xie Ya Ping, 43; and Gao You, 29, were charged in the days following the deadly incident and have spent more than a year in provincial prison. Two of the Chinese nationals, building owner Cheng and construction supervisor Deng, faced charges of involuntary manslaughter and causing unintentional injury and damage, and the other four were charged with similar offenses… Phuon Phanith, 29, who is representing his two family members who died in the incident, said he will discuss with his relatives before deciding whether they can accept the court’s decision… Chap Pros, 40, a construction worker who was injured in the collapse also said he thought that the court’s verdict had provided justice for the victims… Cambodia: Phnom Penh Municipal Court charges a prominent labour leader with incitement following his public comments /en/cambodia-phnom-penh-municipal-court-charges-a-prominent-labour-leader-with-incitement-following-his-public-comments Sun, 02 Aug 2020 09:10:45 +0100 <>Sopheng Cheang, AP 213178 at "Cambodian labor leader arrested for political comments", 01 August 2020 A prominent Cambodian labor union leader who is a longtime government critic has been arrested on a charge of inciting social unrest because of his comments about a politically sensitive matter concerning the country’s borders. Rong Chhun, president of the Cambodian Confederation of Unions, was arrested Friday night at his 澳门线上真人正规博彩home and taken Saturday to Phnom Penh Municipal Court, where he was formally charged with “incitement to commit felony” for statements alleged to be provocative. If tried and found guilty, he could face up to two years in prison. …, Rong Chhun led several dozen factory workers to present a petition at Hun Sen’s residence asking him to help with their welfare after their factory was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. He also gave an interview … to U.S. government-supported Radio Free Asia in which he spoke about meeting farmers in eastern Cambodia who complained about their land being infringed upon by neighboring Vietnam… Police spokesperson Gen. Chhay Kim Khouen said Rong Chhun was arrested at the request of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court after he gave false information related to the border issue with Vietnam… México: Ejidatarios acusan a Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey de desviar el río en la contrucción de la Presa Libertad /en/node/213161 Sat, 01 Aug 2020 00:24:25 +0100 <>El Norte (México) 213161 at "Acusan a AyD de desviar río por la Presa Libertad", 31 de julio de 2020 Ejidatarios de Linares acusaron ayer a Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey de desviar el agua del Río Potosí y afectar sus cosechas en represalia por obtener una suspensión de amparo que impide los trabajos de construcción de la Presa Libertad. Además, denunciaron que los están presionando para desistirse del recurso legal. El incumplimiento del juicio de amparo ya derivó hasta en denuncias penales en la Fiscalía General de la República en contra del director de Agua y Drenaje, Gerardo González, y el Subsecretario de Asuntos Jurídicos estatal, 澳门线上真人正规博彩homero Cantú. En entrevista con EL NORTE, Ramiro Barrera, Comisario Ejidal del Ejido San Jacinto, en Linares, y uno de los quejosos en el juicio, aseguró que son múltiples las afectaciones que están sufriendo en la zona... México: Acusan a dos granjas porcinas, GENA Agropecuaria y Proteína Animal, de contaminación ambiental /en/node/213162 Sat, 01 Aug 2020 00:38:22 +0100 <>Milenio (México) 213162 at "Dos granjas porcinas vierten 57 mil toneladas de excretas en Jalisco, piden clausura", 28 de julio de 2020 Por medio de drones, la organización Igualdad Animal detectó la operación irregular de dos granjas que engordan 89 mil cerdos en Jalisco, y que han dejado un severo impacto en el ambiente debido a que generan 57 mil toneladas de excretas que además de emitir gases de efecto invernadero, se infiltran en el subsuelo y contaminan campos de cultivo aledaños, por lo que demandaron a la Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (Profepa) y a instancias locales, la clausura de dichas plantas... La investigación El Enemigo del Planeta realizada por Igualdad Animal, documentó durante septiembre y diciembre de 2019 diversas irregularidades en granjas de cerdos pertenecientes a las empresas GENA Agropecuaria S.A. de C.V. que engorda 79 mil cerdos y Proteína Animal S.A. de C.V. que alberga 10 mil cerdos, ubicadas en los municipios San Miguel El Alto y Lagos de Moreno, estado de Jalisco. Por medio de drones, evidenciaron descargas a cielo abierto que propician partículas que se infiltran al subsuelo afectando campos de cultivo, acidifican los suelos, eutrofizan mantos acuíferos y contaminan aguas subterráneas. Así como una gran acumulación de excrementos y orina que propician la generación de los gases de efecto invernadero... ILO's guidance on safe & healthy return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic /en/ilos-guidance-on-safe-healthy-return-to-work-during-the-covid-19-pandemic Sat, 01 Aug 2020 06:17:02 +0100 <>International Labour Association 213165 at "A safe and healthy return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic" The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world of work. While infections are continuing to rise in many parts of the world, some countries are now working to sustain declining rates and reactivating their economies. Governments, employers and workers and their respective organizations have a key role to play in reinforcing the progress made in stemming infection rates by ensuring a safe return to work. This requires cooperation and coordinated action, as unsafe work practices anywhere pose a threat to health everywhere. Safe and healthy working conditions are fundamental for decent work and are the foundation upon which policy guidance for the return to work must be based. This guidance note aims to: (1) assist governments and employers’ and workers’ organizations in developing national policy guidance for a phased and safe return to work, and (2) provide guidelines for workplacelevel risk assessments and implementation of preventive and protective measures according to a hierarchy of controls.1 IRIS publishes guide on how labour recruiters can enhance migrant worker protection during COVID-19 pandemic /en/iris-publishes-guide-on-how-labour-recruiters-can-enhance-migrant-worker-protection-during-covid-19-pandemic Sat, 01 Aug 2020 06:31:57 +0100 <>IRIS Ethical Recruitment 213166 at "COVID-19: Guidance for labour recruiters to enhance migrant worker protection during the current health crisis" During the current global health crisis, labour recruiters play an essential role in protecting migrant workers and ensuring essential services have the staff they need to provide elevated levels of care. Recruitment agencies are also on the frontlines of helping migrant workers get 澳门线上真人正规博彩home and supporting those who have already returned to access social assistance, seek alternative livelihood opportunities and navigate the challenges related to reintegration in a time of mandatory quarantine and social distancing. This resource provides guidance to labour recruiters on how to maintain high standards of ethical recruitment despite the challenges posed by COVID-19... This document offers preliminary guidance for labour recruiters to enhance their response to COVID-19 and, in particular, to offer advice to establish effective protections for migrant workers linked to their operations Civil society toolkit on assessing the human rights risks of emergency powers during COVID-19 pandemic /en/civil-society-toolkit-on-assessing-the-human-rights-risks-of-emergency-powers-during-covid-19-pandemic Sat, 01 Aug 2020 06:55:59 +0100 <>Rights & Security International 213167 at "COVID-19 Toolkit for Civil Society Partners. Emergency Powers and Crisis Responses: Human Rights Risk" In response to COVID-19, governments around the world are urgently passing emergency measures that in many instances are having a disproportionate impact on, and in some cases specifically targeting, marginalised and vulnerable groups. These laws are coming into effect with little to no democratic accountability or oversight. In response to this, Rights and Security International, in collaboration with our civil society partners across the globe, has today launched the Covid-19 Toolkit for Civil Society Partners. Emergency Powers and Crisis Responses: Human Rights Risk. The toolkit provides a guide for civil society organisations (CSOs) and human rights defenders (HRDs) to monitor and act on emergency laws and policies; ensure the process of enacting emergency laws and their content adhere to the rule of law and international law obligations; and identify and respond to emergency measures having a disproportionate impact on marginalised and vulnerable communities. China: Workers face another hit from widespread flooding after COVID-19 pandemic /en/china-workers-face-another-hit-from-widespread-flooding-after-covid-19-pandemic Fri, 31 Jul 2020 02:35:27 +0100 <>China Labour Bulletin (Hong Kong) 213120 at “After the pandemic, China’s workers take another hit from widespread flooding”, 23 July 2020 Tens of millions of people have been affected by this year’s devastating floods across central China, mostly in the relatively poorer provinces of Jiangxi and Anhui, as well as around Wuhan, the locus of the Covid-19 outbreak… … it has been China’s low-paid workers, particularly rural migrant workers, who have been disproportionately affected by the floods… In the famous porcelain production town of Jingdezhen, for example, hundreds of workshops, factories and shops were inundated by flood waters that reached two metres high at their peak… … the low-paid workers who were on the frontlines of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic have once again been called into action. In Leping, adjacent to Jingdezhen, 2,000 sanitation workers were deployed to clean up debris after the floods and prevent stagnant water from becoming a breeding ground for disease. In was a similar story in She county, Anhui, where 1,600 sanitation workers worked overtime to clear garbage and the river silt that had been dumped in the city streets. And again echoing the pandemic, it has mainly been women workers on the frontlines of flood prevention and relief… The official figures confirm a lot of anecdotal evidence showing that even for middle-class white-collar workers, incomes have been cut, payment of salaries has been delayed and staff have been laid off or placed on unpaid leave. For low-paid migrant workers, the impact has been even more severe. A recently published survey suggests that at least 30–50 million migrant workers lost their jobs in late March, and that it was likely that by mid-May, at least 20 million were still unable to resume work. Those who could find work generally earned lower wages and endured far more precarious working conditions… VIDEO. Plusieurs entreprises textiles pointées pour leur lien avec le travail forcé des minorités /en/node/213122 Fri, 31 Jul 2020 09:09:19 +0100 <>Brut., France Télévisions 213122 at "VIDEO. Plusieurs entreprises textiles pointées pour leur lien avec le travail forcé des Ouïghours", 28 juillet 2020. Gap, C&amp;A, Adidas, Muji, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Calvin Klein… Ces marques sont pointées par une coalition de groupes de défense des droits humains pour leur lien avec des sous-traitants qui ont recours au travail forcé des Ouïghours. Ça se passe dans le Xinjiang, où vivent les Ouïghours, un peuple turcophone, majoritairement musulman, contre lequel Pékin mène une politique répressive...Mais selon les entreprises concernées, savoir dans quelles conditions sont réalisés leurs produits est une tâche délicate voire irréalisable. La coalition les a ainsi appelées à quitter la région dans un délai d'un an. "Je pense qu'il est important de comprendre que les Ouïghours vivent déjà une vie de contraintes extraordinaires. Ils sont surveillés dans tous les aspects de leur vie", raconte Sophie Richardson, spécialiste de la Chine chez Human Rights Watch. Au moins un million de musulmans seraient internés dans la région du Xinjiang. Un chiffre démenti par la Chine qui affirme qu'il s'agit de centres de formation professionnelle, pour aider la population à trouver un emploi et à s'éloigner de la tentation de l'extrémisme islamiste... 180 ONG lance un appel au secteur de l'habillement de retirer de la région du Nord-Ouest de la Chine où se multiplient les allégations de travail forcé des minorités /en/node/213123 Fri, 31 Jul 2020 09:31:06 +0100 <> Laurence Defranoux, Libération 213123 at « «Continuer à produire au Xinjiang est irresponsable» pour les Ouïghours », 26 juillet 2020. Coordinatrice d'Ethique sur l'étiquette, l'une des 180 ONG à l'origine d'un appel, Nayla Ajaltouni explique que le secteur de l'habillement a un an pour vérifier que les sous-traitants n'ont pas recours au travail forcé... Comment une aussi large coalition a pu se créer ? Depuis quatre mois, une centaine d'organisations classiques et 72 associations ouïghoures travaillent ensemble sur ce texte. On ne peut plus ignorer ce qui se passe au Xinjiang, et cela a une implication directe dans les biens de consommation qui arrivent sur le marché européen et américain... Comment comptez-vous faire bouger les choses ? Les entreprises disent : «On n'a pas la possibilité de vérifier notre chaîne de sous-traitance.» Puisqu'elles affirment ne pas pouvoir exercer leur devoir de vigilance en raison de la chape de plomb imposée par Pékin sur le Xinjiang, on leur demande donc de se retirer de la région. On a conscience de la complexité des chaînes de valeur, mais il y a urgence. Le problème du travail forcé est devenu si vaste qu'il est difficile de le résoudre à court terme. C'est pour cela qu'on donne douze mois aux entreprises pour signer l'appel et s'engager à mettre en œuvre une dizaine de recommandations. On leur demande de cartographier leur chaîne de valeur et d'identifier les fournisseurs et sous-traitants de tous les rangs. Si une ONG comme la nôtre arrive à obtenir des informations, c'est impossible qu'une entreprise n'y arrive pas... Deutschland: 33 Unternehmen & Organisationen bekennen sich zum Lieferkettengesetz /en/node/213126 Fri, 31 Jul 2020 10:11:41 +0100 <>Initiative für nachhaltige Agrarlieferketten (INA) 213126 at Juli 2020 In einem gemeinsamen Statement bekennen sich 33 Unternehmen und Organisationen zum Lieferkettengesetz. Sie begrüßen eine gesetzliche Regelung menschenrechtlicher und umweltbezogener Sorgfaltspflichten und wollen gemeinsam mit der Bundesregierung Verantwortung übernehmen, um ihre Lieferketten vom Produktionsland bis in deutsche und europäische Supermärkte nachhaltig und rückverfolgbar zu gestalten. "Wir sagen der Bundesregierung unsere Unterstützung für ein nationales Lieferkettengesetz sowie eine anspruchsvolle europäische Regelung zu." Dies betonen zahlreiche Unternehmen und Organisationen, die in der Initiative für nachhaltige Agrarlieferketten (INA) versammelt sind. Gemeinsam mit weiteren Akteuren aus Privatwirtschaft und Zivilgesellschaft haben Sie Bundesentwicklungsminister Müller ein gemeinsames Statement elektronisch überreicht. Ausdrücklich befürworten sie darin das geplante Lieferkettengesetz. Viele der unterzeichnenden Unternehmen haben bereits Schritte unternommen, um ihrer Verantwortung in globalen Lieferketten gerecht zu werden. Sie zeigen, dass es möglich ist, Lieferketten transparenter und nachhaltiger zu gestalten. Die Unterzeichnenden betonen, dass eine gesetzliche Regelung maßgeblich zur Rechtssicherheit und zu gleichen Wettbewerbsbedingungen beitragen würde. América Latina, donde defender la Tierra se paga con la muerte /en/node/213138 Fri, 31 Jul 2020 16:18:45 +0100 <>La Estrella (Panamá) 213138 at ...El informe anual titulado “Defender el mañana”, es una investigación que registra los asesinatos y desapariciones de ambientalistas del 1 de enero al 31 de diciembre de 2019, además de amenazas y criminalización que estos enfrentan por su lucha. Para la oenegé las cifras de 2019 son alarmantes no solo por darse el mayor récord de muertes en un solo año, sino porque la mitad de esas muertes tuvo lugar en América Latina. La lista mundial es encabezada por Colombia con 64 asesinados, luego está Filipinas con 43 asesinatos. A partir del país asiático, sigue Brasil (24), México (18), Honduras (14), Venezuela (8); más abajo en la lista están Nicaragua (5), Perú, Bolivia y Costa Rica, con un asesinado cada uno. Unos números conservadores, dado que la organización considera que podría haber un subregistro... Ecuador: The Coca Codo Sinclair Dam continues to negatively impact indigenous communities /en/ecuador-the-coca-codo-sinclair-dam-continues-to-negatively-impact-indigenous-communities Fri, 31 Jul 2020 16:49:46 +0100 <>Al Jazeera 213139 at "A dam plan gone wrong in Ecuador's Amazon", 29 de julio de 2020 ...Chances are you have never heard of the Coca Codo Sinclair Dam. It is a project that was designed to supercharge renewable energy in Ecuador. Instead, it brought oil spills, flash floods, corruption and crippling debt. In the second half of our two-part series on Ecuador's Amazon, we are examining how the ill-advised dam continues to plague Indigenous communities years after it was inaugurated... Argentina: Global soy trade heavily impacted by Covid-19 outbreak and management /en/argentina-global-soy-trade-heavily-impacted-by-covid-19-outbreak-and-management Fri, 31 Jul 2020 17:11:19 +0100 <>Al Jazeera 213140 at "Argentina coronavirus cases throw wrench in global soy trade", 29 de julio de 2020 ...Crop giant Argentina has reported its first cases of the coronavirus at port terminals that ship soybean products to the world in a fresh blow to the global commodities trade already disrupted by the pandemic. China's Cofco International and U.S. agribusiness firm Bunge Ltd. were both forced to idle port terminals and soybean crush plants north of Rosario on the Parana River, Argentina's hub for shipments of soy meal for livestock feed and soy oil for cooking and biofuel. Local shipper Vicentin SAIC also had its operations disrupted after employees tested positive. The confirmation of cases in Argentina's key export industry is a kick in the teeth for President Alberto Fernandez, who put in place a strict lockdown in March and has only just started to soften it in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area even as the virus curve refuses to flatten... Costa Rica: Defensores indígenas reciben amenazas de muerte por defender sus territorios /en/node/213141 Fri, 31 Jul 2020 17:32:07 +0100 <>Frontline Defenders 213141 at "Intentos de usurpación de tierras restituidas, amenazas e intimidación en contra de defensores de derechos humanos indígenas", 30 de julio de 2020 El 21 de julio de 2020, el defensor de derechos humanos y líder indígena José Enrique Ortíz fue amenazado de muerte por un usurpador de tierra conocido por atacar comunidades indígenas en Salitre. El 26 de julio del 2020, un grupo de finqueros amenazó e intimidó a familias de la comunidad Maleku propietarias de tierras restituidas en el territorio indígena Maleku. El 27 de julio, un grupo de usurpadores invadieron la Finca Crun Shurínz y causaron daños significativos. Los defensores de los derechos indígenas Pablo Sibas Sibas y Roberth Morales Villafuerte, ambos integrantes de la comunidad indígena Brörán, propietaria de la tierra, recibieron amenazas de muerte durante el incidente... José Enrique Ortíz es un indígena Bribri del clan Uniwak y defensor de los derechos de los pueblos indígenas y recuperador de tierras en la comunidad de Río Azul de Salitre. En septiembre de 2018, empezó a hacer acompañamiento en recuperaciones y alrededor de esa fecha dirigió su primera recuperación de territorio ancestral ocupado por usurpadores... Tech firms must mitigate risks while working in conflict-affected areas, says new report /en/tech-firms-must-mitigate-risks-while-working-in-conflict-affected-areas-says-new-report Fri, 31 Jul 2020 18:21:27 +0100 <>JustPeace Labs 213143 at [Recent years have] seen the power of technology exploited to propagate dangerous speech, widen ethnic and religious divisions, and incite violence. Seemingly innocuous technologies now regularly contribute to human rights abuses and violent conflict. Current governance schemes are proving to be deplorably inadequate at addressing the risks of technology in conflict-affected markets. [This briefing paper examines]  the critical questions of why the technology industry should mitigate the risks of doing business in conflict-affected or high-risk areas and how it can do so. ...[W]hen human rights abuses or conflict are linked to the involvement of a particular company or industry, that company’s brand and reputation suffer. Consequently, it is in the best interest of all stakeholders, particularly the private sector, to mitigate the risks of technology being used to incite violent conflict. Costa Rica: Indigenous defenders receive death threats for defending their ancestral territories /en/costa-rica-indigenous-defenders-receive-death-threats-for-defending-their-ancestral-territories Fri, 31 Jul 2020 20:19:08 +0100 <>Frontline Defenders 213149 at "Attempts to usurp indigenous land, threats and intimidation against indigenous rights defenders", 30th July 2020 On 21 July 2020, human rights defender and indigenous leader José Enrique Ortíz received a death threat by a land usurper known for targeting indigenous communities in Salitre. Days later, on 26 July, a group of landowners threatened and intimidated families from the Maleku community who owned restituted land in the Maleku indigenous territory. On 27 July, the Crun Shurínz plot of land was invaded by usurpers and was badly damaged. Indigenous rights defenders Pablo Sibas Sibas and Roberth Morales Villafuerte, both members of the Brörán indigenous community that owns the land, received death threats during the incident... José Enrique Ortíz is a Bribri indigenous leader from the Uniwak clan and a defender of the rights of indigenous peoples. He is involved in efforts to reclaim land in the Río Azul de Salitre community. In September 2018, he became involved with land recovery processes and achieved his first successful restitution of ancestral territory occupied by usurpers... Brazil: Gold miners illegally clearing forests and polluting rivers in indigenous territories throughout the pandemic /en/brazil-gold-miners-illegally-clearing-forests-and-polluting-rivers-in-indigenous-territories-throughout-the-pandemic Fri, 31 Jul 2020 20:28:02 +0100 <>Mongabay 213151 at "Goldminers overrun Amazon indigenous lands as COVID-19 surges", 30th July 2020 ...Thousands of miners in search of gold within Brazil’s Amazon Indigenous Territories (TIs) and Conservation Units (UCs), are illegally clearing forests and polluting rivers at an alarming rate in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic — more than 88,000 Brazilians are dead of the pandemic, with more than 430,000 cases reported in the Amazon as of 28 July. As the miners wreak havoc on the environment and terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, they also act as potential vectors for the coronavirus, which has already infected at least 14,647 indigenous people and caused 269 deaths on indigenous lands, according to a report by the Socioenvironmental Institute (ISA), a Brazilian NGO. Some indigenous people have even been pressured, or coerced via death threats, to provide labor to carry out this illegal activity, ISA says... The Amazon gold rush has been exacerbated by the country’s greatly weakened environmental protections — ordered by Bolsonaro and executed by Environment Minister Ricardo Salles — which has triggered a marked increase in deforestation due to illegal mining in protected areas. In the first six months of this year, according to alerts from the National Space Research Institute, INPE’s Deter satellite monitoring system, deforestation by mining within conserved areas represented 67.9% of total tree loss in Legal Amazonia, a socio-geographic designation including all or parts of nine states in the Brazilian Amazon...  México: Informe analiza los impactos de Covid-19 en el sector de maquila y las personas trabajadoras /en/node/213152 Fri, 31 Jul 2020 20:45:03 +0100 <>El Colegio de la Frontera Norte 213152 at "COVID-19 y frontera noreste: Primeros impactos en migración, políticas públicas y población", mayo 2020 El 24 de marzo de 2020, el Gobierno Mexicano, a través de la Secretaría de Salud, emitió un acuerdo...para prevenir riesgos de contagio del coronavirus (COVID-19) en espacios concurridos, como los laborales, y en su artículo segundo estableció: la suspensión de actividades de manera temporal, con pago de salario, de la población laboral vulnerable, como embarazadas, adultos mayores y con una enfermedad crónica, y el envío a su casa para resguardarse. El 31 de emitió un segundo acuerdo, con medidas extraordinarias para atender la emergencia sanitaria del COVID-19, en la que se ordenó la cancelación de las actividades no esenciales, y que la población trabajadora fuese enviada a resguardo a sus domicilios. Ambos acuerdos tenían una relación directa con el empleo y las condiciones laborales, salarios y prestaciones, con las que se irían los trabajadores en suspensión temporal. Pese a las constantes declaraciones de la Secretaría del Trabajo, Luisa Alcalde, y el Subsecretario de Salud, Hugo López-Gatell de que los trabajadores se mantendrían sus trabajos y su salario durante este retiro temporal por cuestiones de emergencia sanitaria...para los principios de abril se habían 346,000 empleos, especialmente en micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas (MYPYMES)... La Industria Maquiladoras y Manufacturera y de Servicios de Exportación (IMMEX), dedicada al ensamblaje y exportación de artículos y productos a distintas partes del mundo, constituye la parte nodal de los empleos en el norte de México. Los estados con mayores asentamientos maquiladores como Baja California, Chihuahua y Tamaulipas contabilizan 971,196 empleos en esta industria, lo que constituye un tercio de los empleos totales de la IMMEX...Dada su alta vinculación con la economía internacional, los empleos en la maquiladora se han distinguido a lo largo de las poco más de cinco décadas por su vulnerabilidad y sujeción de la economía internacional o de sus matrices... Nueva contaminación de Minera Canadiense en comunidades de Oaxaca /en/node/213159 Fri, 31 Jul 2020 23:40:00 +0100 <>Avispa Midia 213159 at Brechas de género en las cadenas globales de valor en América Latina y el Caribe: nuevos y viejos retos en un escenario de incertidumbre /en/node/213160 Sat, 01 Aug 2020 00:02:39 +0100 <>Naciones Unidas, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung 213160 at Nigeria: Effective legislation needed to ensure oil and gas deposits don’t negatively impact communities; experts /en/nigeria-effective-legislation-needed-to-ensure-oil-and-gas-deposits-don%E2%80%99t-negatively-impact-communities-experts Fri, 31 Jul 2020 09:01:44 +0100 <> Collins Olayinka, The Guardian (Nigeria) 213121 at ‘New oil finds pose fresh environmental challenges to communities’ 30 July 2020 If the current legislative and institutional frameworks are not reviewed, states and communities outside the Niger Delta where oil and gas deposits have been found in commercial quantities in recent times, will experience the same environmental degradation the region is currently facing, experts have said. This was one of the major areas of consensus reached at a two-day webinar organised by the National Coalition on Gas flaring and Oil spills in the Niger Delta (NACGOND), to examine urgent issues around the escalating incidence of oil spills regarding their impact on the environment and Nigeria’s long-term socio-economic health.  …Participants focused on the urgent need for presidential assent to the Bill that will give additional powers and jurisdiction to NOSDRA, as Nigeria’s major environmental regulator to deal effectively with current and future oil spill incidents, including those outside the Niger Delta. The serious environmental plight of the Niger Delta is underscored by the fact that there are over 2000 oil spills in different parts of the region, which have not yet been cleaned. The current NOSDRA Act gives the agency responsibility for the “surveillance and enforcing compliance with “all existing environmental legislation and the detection of oil spills in the petroleum sector.” But the agency is hamstrung because it has no powers to deal with some categories of spills, and it has to depend on the equipment and logistics of the oil companies it regulates to access and remediate certain sites and spills. AS: México: Denuncian impactos de solar Engie | Honduras: Garífunas desaparecidos | 2019 fue el año más sangriento para defensores | Otras noticias /en/node/213119 Thu, 30 Jul 2020 22:34:41 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213119 at Acá están las principales noticias sobre empresas y derechos humanos de esta semana. Se incluyen respuestas de empresas y anuncios relevantes. Lea la Actualización completa Suscripción a las Actualizaciones レポート:COVID-19パンデミックに際して使用された接触者追跡ソフトウェアの人権への影響を分析 /en/node/213098 Thu, 30 Jul 2020 00:27:34 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213098 at 「Covid-19流行におけるデジタル・コンタクト・トレース:ビジネスと人権の視点」 /en/node/213099 Thu, 30 Jul 2020 00:32:58 +0100 <>Maria Pia Sacco, Prof. Martijn Scheltema, Dr. Theodora A Christou, Anurag Bana, International Bar Association 213099 at [日本語翻訳記事提供: 経済人コー円卓会議日本委員会] これらの措置は、法の支配を保護するために必要なステップを特定するために、人権基準に従って評価され、特に合法性、必要性および比例性の原則を適用します。 特に、これらの技術の使用に関連する人権への悪影響のリスクを軽減し、対処する上でのビジネスセクターの役割については、国連のビジネスおよび人権に関する指導原則(UNGP)の観点から説明します。 緊急事態下における人権の制限と軽視Covid-19公衆衛生緊急事態の結果としての人権の制限に関する詳細なガイダンスが引き続き公開されています。このペーパーは、接触追跡技術の評価を支援するために、主要な要素を強調することを目的としています。 絶対的な権利とは、いかなる状況でも妨害できない権利です。特定の条件下では、限定された権利と呼ばれる一定の権利が妨害される可能性があります。プライバシーへの権利はそのような権利の一つです。プライバシー権は、市民的および政治的権利に関する国際規約(ICCPR)の第17条の下で保護されており、いかなる干渉も合法であり、恣意的ではない必要があります。言い換えれば、干渉は合法性の条件(法律で規定)を満たし、正当な目的を追求するものでなければなりません。干渉は必要最低限にとどめ、比例原則に沿っているものである必要があります。 権利が公衆衛生に基づくものを含む干渉を許可する場合、なぜ緊急法が絶対に必要なのでしょうか? 緊急事態の間、これらの通常の制限は、国家がその目的を達成するのに十分ではない場合があり、その結果、プライバシーに対する権利を含む特定の権利を無効にすることができる場合があります。合法性、必要性、比例性(比例原則)は、引き続き重要な原則です。 ICCPRの第4条「国民の生命を脅かす公の緊急事態」によれば、締約国はICCPRで認められた特定の権利を例外的かつ一時的に制限することができます。状態を委譲するには、6つの条件を満たす必要があります。これらは:•国民の生命を脅かす公的な緊急事態の存在。•採用された措置は、状況の緊急性によって厳密に必要であること。•措置は差別的であってはなりません。•他の国際的な義務と矛盾しない場合にのみ、措置を委譲することは許容されます。 •制限できない権利を正当化することはできません。そして最後に•これらの免責はまた、国が緊急事態の状態を正式に宣言することを要求し、ICCPRの場合には、国連事務総長に正式に通知することを要求します。 国の生命を脅かす公の緊急事態の際に特定の権利を侵害する可能性は、同様に、ヨーロッパ人権条約(第15条、緊急時の権利の剥奪)およびアメリカ人権条約(第27条 保証の一時停止)に見られます。人間と民族の権利と義務に関するアフリカ憲章は権限の委譲について規定していませんが、人間と民族の権利に関するアフリカ委員会は権限の委譲は認められず、緊急事態の状態は人権侵害を許容しないとしています。 1984年に、国連経済社会理事会(UN Economic and Social Council)は、市民的および政治的権利に関する国際規約の制限および部分撤廃規定に関する「シラクサ原則」を採択しました。自由に関する国連人権委員会のGeneral Commentsとともにシラクサ原則は、政府の人権侵害を制限し、法の支配を保護するための、国の緊急事態(公衆衛生上の理由を含む)の理由による人権の制限に関する権威あるガイダンスです。 特に、このガイダンスによれば、ICCPRによって承認された政府による権利制限は、合法性、必要性、比例性、および非差別の原則と一致するものでなければなりません。これらの条件が設定されている目的は、政府による恣意的行動のリスクを制限し、法の支配を保護するためです。 法的原則は法の支配の核心であり、人権への干渉には明確な法的根拠があることを義務付けています。これらの制限を導入する法律は、執行当局に権限を明示的に付与するものとし、これらの規定は独立した公平な裁判所で異議申し立て可能である必要があります。 人権制限の必要性は、客観的な判断に基づくべきです。特に、通常の措置では対処できなかった「実際の、明確な、現在の、または差し迫った危険」に基づいて正当化されるべきです。これらの制限を規定する法律は、必要性の要件を定期的に見直す必要があり、この基準が満たされていないと主張する人は、効果的な救済策を利用できるものとします。状況によっては、各国当局が実施するこれらの制限の必要性に関する最終評価では、不十分かもしれません。 人権制限の比例性は、採用された手段と目的の合理的な関係から推測できます。国家は、緊急事態の緊急性、この場合は公衆衛生緊急事態によって厳格に要求される範囲でのみ、人権を制限することができます。この基準は、政府がその目的を達成するために最も制限の少ない方法を採用したときのみ満たされます。措置は、時間(期間)、空間(地理的範囲)、および物理的範囲を限定する必要があります。特に、これらの措置は緊急事態の終わりに終了するべきであり、特定の個人、特にマイノリティや脆弱なコミュニティに過度な、あるいは不当な負担を課してはなりません。 4月30日、国連人権委員会は「Covid-19パンデミックに関連した規約からの逸脱に関する声明」を発表しました。この文書では、委員会は、ICCPRの多くの締約国が、国連の事務総長に通知することなく、基本的権利と自由を厳しく制限する緊急措置に訴えていることを強調しました。これらの国々は、その義務を遵守し、規約の完全な尊重を再び確保できる「正常な状態」を回復するよう要請されました。 Covid-19危機発生のコンテキストで接触者追跡をサポートするテクノロジー公衆衛生危機の際、人権の侵害や制限は、「病気や怪我の予防、または病気や怪我の治療を目的とする場合に限定される」ことは明らかです。伝染病のケースでは、科学者は、特定のワクチンと抗ウイルス剤が存在しない場合、医薬品以外の対策が唯一の手段であることを認めています。特に、接触追跡、監視、社会的距離、隔離、および封鎖によって移動、接触、直接対話、自由を制限することは、流行を制限するための最も効果的なツールであると考えられています。 Covid-19パンデミックの発生以来、いくつかの国は新技術の支援を受けてこれらの措置を採用してきました。これは、伝染病を理解し制御するためにテクノロジーが広く採用された最初のパンデミックです。ただし、メリットとともに課題も生じます。 このセクションでは、中国、シンガポール、韓国、一部のヨーロッパ諸国で採用されている、接触者の追跡と監視をサポートするための対策に焦点を当てます。 WHOは、接触者の追跡を「伝染病に感染した人と接触した可能性のある人の特定とフォローアップ」と定義しており、接触者が適切なケアと治療を受けられるようにしています。 これらの措置は、政府がこの公衆衛生上の緊急事態と他の基本的権利とのバランスをどのように取っているかを評価するために、既存の国際公法の枠組みの下でベンチマークされます。シラクサ原則によれば、この分析は科学的証拠に依存する必要があり、特に、WHOの推奨事項を考慮する必要があります。 合法性の原則に従って、接触者追跡手段は、透明性と予測可能な基準に基づくものとし、その正当性は法廷で争われる可能性があります。これらの対策の透明性と説明責任の確保は、接触者追跡アプリを評価する場合、特に複雑です。これらのツールは、知的財産を考慮して、技術仕様が必ずしも公開されていないソフトウェアに基づいています。さらに、この情報が利用可能であっても、専門家以外が簡単に理解できない場合があります。これらの課題は、アプリがオープンソースソフトウェアに基づいており、ユーザーが個人データの収集、処理、保存の方法について周知されている場合に軽減できます。 必要性テストは、通常の措置では公共の利益を保護するのに十分ではなかったことを示す、客観的な事実に基づくものでなければなりません。 Covid-19のコンテキストでは、接触追跡をサポートするテクノロジーの使用は科学的証拠によって正当化されています。オックスフォード大学が実施した研究では、感染の3分の1から半分は、感染者に症状が現れる前に発生することが示されています。この状況では、人手による接触者の追跡では遅すぎて感染を抑えるには不十分ですが、携帯電話アプリを使用すると、流行の増加率を下げることができます。 接触者追跡アプリの有効性(必要性)は、ユーザーの数と、これらのツールを補完する追加の公衆衛生対策によって実現される場合があります。推定では、流行の制御メカニズムが感染者の隔離と追跡された接触者の隔離にのみ基づいている場合、ほぼ普遍的な使用法と完全なコンプライアンスが必要であることを示しています。ただし、追加の予防策(身体的距離、手洗いの強化、呼吸衛生など)が実施されている場合、人口の60%の適用で流行を止めるのに十分である可能性があります。 接触者追跡アプリの比例性(比例原則)は、人権制限措置の影響度、地域的、および時間的範囲を制限するために採用されたセーフガードに基づいて評価する必要があります。比例原則を満たすために、最初に、サンプルのコホート(統計学の「群」)は(マイノリティと脆弱なコミュニティを犠牲にして)不当に狭くしてはならず、(たとえば、すでに抗体を取得した人を含む等)過度に広くしてはなりません。同様に、収集されるデータの性質(たとえば、地理位置情報と近接データ)、データの保存方法(たとえば、匿名化、集中化と分散化)、および処理(たとえば、1つ以上の機能)の比例原則は、最も人権制限の少ないオプションでなければなりません。このグローバル化の時代では、接触者追跡アプリの領域は国境を超えていると想定するのが妥当です。最後に、これらのツールの機能は公衆衛生上の緊急事態の期間に依存し、収集されたデータはその後削除されなければなりません。  以下続く・・ Honduras: Desaparecen a defensores de tierra y territorio garifunas /en/node/213100 Thu, 30 Jul 2020 01:31:04 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213100 at El 18 de julio de 2020, 4 defensores de tierra, territorio y medio ambiente garifunas fueron desaparecidos, llevados de sus hogares por personas armadas con chalecos con el logo de la Policía Militar del Orden Público.  Los pueblos garifunas han sido históricamente atacados por defender sus territorios en contra de la imposición de proyectos económicos, sobre todo la palma africana y proyectos de turismo.  Organizaciones nacionales e internacionales exigen que se encuntren y liberen a los defensores. Estructura Criminal al Servicio del Estado y la Desaparición Forzosa de los Garífunas en Honduras /en/node/213102 Thu, 30 Jul 2020 01:35:34 +0100 <>Ofraneh 213102 at El 18 de Julio 2020, la silenciosa paz de los hogares de la comunidad Garifuna de Triunfo de la Cruz en la Bahía de Tela del caribe hondureño, se vio interrumpida cuando un poco mas de 10 hombres fuertemente armados, con vestimenta de la policía Militar de Orden Público (PM) y otros con chalecos con la insignia del Departamento de la Policía de Investigación (DPI) a tempranas horas de la mañana irrumpieron en la vivienda del Presidente del Patronato, Alberth Snaider Centeno y con él 3 compañeros fueron sustraídos y después de mas de 10 días se encuentran desaparecidos y el único detenido en relación al caso el Estado se prepara para dejarlo LIBRE. Por esta razón, con URGENCIA nos pronunciamos: EL DESPRECIO A LA VIDA DE LOS GARIFUNA. Las agresiones y el desprecio a la vida de los Garifuna se incrementaron desde que el Estado recibió la notificación de la Sentencia en los Casos de Punta Piedra y Triunfo de la Cruz el 8 de octubre del 2015. En ambas sentencias, la Corte le ordena al Estado expropiar a la mega industria turística y a los terceros que usurpan las tierras y territorios y devolverlas a los legítimos dueños, que son las comunidades. EL ESTADO SE NIEGA A CUMPLIR LA SENTENCIA DE LA CIDH. El Estado se niega a cumplir la Sentencia y por lo contrario ha activado su alianza con la estructura criminal para mapear, perseguir, secuestrar, desaparecer y asesinar a los lideres y lideresas de las comunidades Garífunas. DEMANDAMOS LA NO LIBERACIÓN DEL SOSPECHOSO CRIMINAL EN CUSTODIA. Esta estructura criminal se alimenta de la corrupción y la impunidad imperante en el Estado y por eso hoy alertamos y exigimos que no sea liberado el sospecho, alias el “Gringo”, capturado el 22 de julio en la colonia Las Palmas en el municipio de Tela, en posesión de indumentaria militar, esposas para inmovilización de personas y tres armas de fuego. Estos elementos de prueba constituyen suficiente evidencia para que este individuo se mantenga en prisión preventiva y que sea esclarecidasu participación en el secuestro y la desaparición forzosa de los líderes Garífunas. INFORMACIÓN DE PRIMERA MANO. De acuerdo con la información que hemos adquirido de fuentes muy fidedignas, el Estado en un acto de complicidad, estaría liberando en las próximas horas al único sospecho detenido, argumentando falta de prueba. Esta acción no sólo evidencia la participación de estructuras criminales del Estado sino también pone en riesgo la vida del resto de la población de la comunidad de Triunfode la Cruz. NEGATIVA DEL ESTADO. Esta negativa expresa del estado de indagar al sospechoso quehan detenido en posesión de evidencias que lo vinculan directamente con el hecho, además de la negativa de dar información sobre el paradero de los líderes y compañeros Garífunas, confirma su responsabilidad en la desaparición forzada de los lideres, sustraídos, aprehendidos, detenidos y secuestrados por agentes del Estado, con su autorización o su apoyo... Japan: Transgender job applicants fear 'forced outings' due to resume requirement /en/japan-transgender-job-applicants-fear-forced-outings-due-to-resume-requirement Thu, 30 Jul 2020 01:52:24 +0100 <>今野晴貴、NPO法人POSSE 213104 at [Excerpt translation from Japanese to English provided by Business &amp; Human Rights Resource Centre.] “Is the ‘gender box’ on resumes power harassment? Applicants fear ‘forced outings’”, 1 July 2020 On June 30, [2020]...NPO POSSE submitted a letter to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in which we called on the government to prohibit requiring applicants to indicate their gender on their resumes. We [NPO POSSE] also submitted 10,418 signatures collected on a petition called “Let’s lose the gender identification on resumes #Whyisithere?” that began this February. ...Even though indicating one’s gender on a resume is unnecessary, it remains a common practice.  ...In the case of transgender applicants, they face a discrepancy in terms of the gender identification on their family registry and their appearance. As a result, they are exposed as a sexual minority when they indicate their gender on their resumes. On the other hand, there are cases where job offers were rescinded when applicants entered their current gender identification on their resumes, but a prospective employer later learned of the gender indicated on their family registry. It is illegal to rescind a job offer on the basis of gender. However, discrimination is rampant. ...The gender box on resumes has led to the extremely serious problem of systematically “outing” applicants. When employers circulate personal information revealing that an applicant is a sexual minority, it contributes to “forced outings”. ...The Anti-Power Harassment Law, which was implemented this January, defines outing a worker as power harassment and requires employers to establish preventative measures and awareness-raising activities... Requiring transgender individuals to indicate their gender on their resumes constitutes not only a serious human rights violation, but also a violation of the Anti-Power Harassment Law... Inditex回答 /en/node/213105 Thu, 30 Jul 2020 02:54:24 +0100 <>Inditex 213105 at [日本語翻訳記事提供: 経済人コー円卓会議日本委員会] ...Windy Groupの工場SAYBOLT TEX LTDについて、Covid-19パンデミックの経済的影響により、グループが工場を閉鎖したとの通知を受けました。それを受け、Windy Groupは、インダストリ・オール・グローバル・ユニオンの関連組織であるSommilito Garments Sramik Federation(バングラデシュ ダッカの労働者クラブ)、および、SAYBOLT TEX LTDの登録組合であるSommilito Garments Sramikとの社会的対話を開始し、2020年5月31日に労働者との合意に達しました。労働者は、それぞれの合意と現地の労働法に沿って、2020年6月4日にデジタル決済にて補償されました。 Windy GroupによるWindy Wet and Dry Process Ltd.の閉鎖についても、Covid-19の経済的影響による閉鎖であると通知されています。これを受けて、Windy Groupと登録された労働組合であるGSKF(Union Garments Sromik Kormochari Federation)との間で社会的対話を実施し、2020年6月3日に合意形成されました。補償金は、6月3日と4日に、それぞれの合意および現地の労働法に従って、デジタル支払いによって労働者に支払われました。 Tanaz Fashionについても、Covid-19の経済的影響により工場を縮小したとの通知を受けています。これは、バングラディシュ労働法2006(Bangladesh Labour Act 2006)に従い、6月1日に決定されました。2020年6月2日、バングラディシュ縫製製造業者および輸出業者協会のオフィスで、工場経営者と8つの主要な連合~その中の2つはインダストリ・オール・グローバル・ユニオンの加盟組織(Bangladesh Jatio Sromik Kormochari Porishodと衣料労働者連合)~の間で、労働者の保証とそれぞれへの支払い方法に関する覚書が交わされました。労働者は6月3日にこの報酬を受け取りました... At least two Australian companies reportedly purchase masks made with allegedly forced labour in China /en/at-least-two-australian-companies-reportedly-purchase-masks-made-with-allegedly-forced-labour-in-china Thu, 30 Jul 2020 02:56:06 +0100 <>The Guardian (UK) 213106 at “Face masks made with allegedly forced Uighur labour in China are being sold in Australia”, 22 July 2020 Face masks manufactured at a Chinese factory using allegedly coerced Uighur labour are being sold in Australia, the Guardian has learned… At least 200,000 face masks made by Hubei Haixin Protective Products Group Co Ltd in China and then sent to multiple distributors in Australia are in question, and consumers may be unwittingly buying masks made by allegedly coerced labour. Experts are now warning local face mask distributors, governments and consumers to ensure their supply chains are not tainted by factories using forced Uighur labour… … a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute thinktank identified a series of factories linked to a program of forced labour involving 80,000 Uighurs… One of the factories named in the ASPI report belonged to the Hubei Haixin Protective Products Group Co Ltd, which manufactures personal protective equipment in Hubei province, central China, and exports to a range of countries, including Australia. .. The company confirmed to the Guardian it exported supplies to Australia, and that Uighur people were part of its workforce under the government’s policy “supporting Xinjiang development”… It declined to comment further when asked about claims of forced labour. The Guardian has established that at least two Australian companies have purchased stocks of surgical masks from Hubei Haixin for local distribution. Both said they were unaware of the use of Uighur labour, and have expressed concern about the allegations. One of the companies, MCG Electronics, says Hubei Haixin has shipped roughly 200,000 masks to various distributors in Australia since the beginning of the pandemic… Experts also say western companies face extreme difficulty in auditing supply chains in China due to the secrecy and sensitivity surrounding its treatment of Uighurs. The ASPI analyst Vicky Xu, who investigated the Uighur labour program with research assistant Stephanie Zhang, said it was becoming “absolutely impossible” for auditors to conduct normal human rights checks on factories in China, making due diligence extremely difficult… The second Australian company, My Queen Pty Ltd, was also unaware of the allegations of Uighur labour use, and only purchased one batch of masks from Hubei Haixin. The company has no plans for further purchases… 新しいレポートは、COVID-19パンデミックに際して使用された接触者追跡ソフトウェアの人権への影響を分析します /en/node/213107 Thu, 30 Jul 2020 03:11:08 +0100 <>Maria Pia Sacco, Prof. Martijn Scheltema, Dr. Theodora A Christou, Anurag Bana, International Bar Association 213107 at [日本語翻訳記事提供: 経済人コー円卓会議日本委員会] 「Covid-19流行におけるデジタル・コンタクト・トレース:ビジネスと人権の視点」2020年6月5日 2020年3月11日、世界で294,000を超える症例が発生したCovid-19は、世界保健機関(WHO)によりパンデミックと宣言されました。世界は地球規模の健康的・社会経済的危機に直面しており、各国政府はこの緊急事態に対処するために前例のない対策を採用しています。 これらの対策は、地理的位置確認アプリ、顔認識、検疫を施行するためのAIベースのソフトウェアなどの新しいテクノロジーによってサポートされています。これらの多くは緊急立法によって可能になり、人権と基本的な自由に重大な影響を与える可能性があります。これらはデータ集約型のツールであり、プライバシーに対する権利は明らかに制限されていますが、すべての人権が影響を受ける可能性があります。政府の不適切な利用(虐待)を制限するために、プライバシー権の制限は法の支配を尊重し、人権法によって設定された条件を満たす必要があります。 WHO自体は、人権対応の措置がパンデミックの被害抑制の目的のために効果的かつ必要十分な範囲に限定されるよう制限するフレームワークの必要性を認めています。 このような活動は、プライバシー権を含む一部の人権に制限を課すことがあります。このような「通常の」制限は、特定の条件が満たされた場合に許可されます。緊急時の権限と特例措置は、「通常の」制限が規定の目的を達成するのに十分でない場合にのみ許可されます。これにより、特定の条件が満たされている限り、国は特定の権利を無効にすることができます。 このホワイトペーパーでは、接触者の追跡と監視をサポートする3つの異なるテクノロジーについて説明します。 •中国で採用されたQuick Response(QR)コードに基づくアプリ。•韓国で採用された、地理位置情報に基づくアプリ。 •Bluetoothに基づくアプリ。シンガポールで採用され、現在EUで検討されている同様のモデル。 Most fashion brands claim they have anti-forced labour policies when being urged to stop sourcing from Xinjiang, media report says /en/most-fashion-brands-claim-they-have-anti-forced-labour-policies-when-being-urged-to-stop-sourcing-from-xinjiang-media-report-says Thu, 30 Jul 2020 03:11:26 +0100 <>Reuters 213108 at “Brands urged to stop sourcing from China's Xinjiang over forced labour fears”, 23 July 2020 … More than 180 organisations urged brands from Adidas to Amazon to end sourcing of cotton and clothing from the region and cut ties with any suppliers in China that benefit from the forced labour of the ethnic Uighurs and other Muslim groups… While most fashion brands do not source from factories in Xinjiang, many of their supply chains are likely to be tainted by cotton picked by Uighurs that is exported across China and used by other suppliers, the rights groups said in a letter… The Thomson Reuters Foundation sent emailed questions to more than 30 leading global retailers about their supply chains in China and the origins of the cotton they sourced. Almost all of the brands did not respond directly to the questions, but most said they had anti-forced labour policies and required their suppliers to comply with a code of conduct. Only one retailer - U.S.-based Costco - declined to comment. All the companies that responded - including Gap, Patagonia and Zara-owner Inditex - said they did not source from factories in Xinjiang, but the majority could not confirm that their supply chain was free of cotton picked from the region. Japanese retailer Muji said it used cotton from Xinjiang but that independent auditors had found “no evidence of accusations of forced labour ... at their mills”. U.S.-based PVH - owner of brands from Calvin Klein to Tommy Hilfiger - said it would cut ties with any factories or mills that produce fabric or use cotton from Xinjiang within a year. “The only way brands can ensure they are not profiting from exploitation is by exiting the region and ending relationships with suppliers propping up this Chinese government system,” said Jasmine O’Connor, chief executive of Anti-Slavery International. Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a global non-profit aiming to improve conditions in the garment sector, said in March it would no longer license so-called Better Cotton from Xinjiang. Companies such as IKEA and H&amp;M, who use BCI to source cotton, have previously said they backed the decision to suspend licensing in the region and would no longer source from there… Australia: Govt to launch online register of company compliance with servitude, trafficking & forced labour laws /en/australia-govt-to-launch-online-register-of-company-compliance-with-servitude-trafficking-forced-labour-laws Thu, 30 Jul 2020 11:35:10 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213110 at   Kenya: Victims of violence at Unilever plantation complain to the UN that company failed to take protective and redress measures /en/kenya-victims-of-violence-at-unilever-plantation-complain-to-the-un-that-company-failed-to-take-protective-and-redress-measures Thu, 30 Jul 2020 12:05:58 +0100 <>Leigh Day (UK) 213111 at "Victims of violence at Unilever tea plantation take complaint to the UN" The complaint is brought to the United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights and the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO), REDRESS, Kituo Cha Sharia, the Corporate Responsibility Coalition (CORE), the African Coalition for Corporate Accountability (ACCA) and Leigh Day, who represents the 218 victims and has filed the complaint on their behalf.  The victims were (and in some cases continue to be) employees and residents of Unilever’s vast Kericho tea plantation in Western Kenya, which houses over ten per cent of the multinational’s global workforce. In December 2007, during post-election turmoil, large groups of attackers invaded the Unilever plantation, assaulting hundreds of workers and their families solely based on their ethnicity. Seven people died in the attacks, many others were raped and seriously hurt. The survivors still suffer from physical and psychiatric injuries.   The complaint makes three allegations against Unilever:    Unilever placed the victims in a position of significant risk of attack on their plantation and yet has refused to provide adequate redress or assistance to the victims. This was the most serious known case of human rights abuse suffered by the largest concentration of Unilever workers anywhere in the world and yet Unilever has failed to take adequate steps to address and remediate the impacts. After the violent events, Unilever failed to provide appropriate assistance to the victims and instead unilaterally stopped their wages for a six-month period, further exacerbating their situation. Facing a specific request for remedy from the 218 victims of ethnic violence in 2016 in the form of a civil claim for damages against Unilever in England, the company refused any remediation and sought to block any prospect of access to remedy by hiding behind its corporate structure. In order to prevent the claims from proceeding in England, Unilever insisted that it could not be held legally responsible for any failings of their Kenyan subsidiary, while knowing that these claims could not be brought in Kenya. USA: Advocacy groups file complaint with Federal Trade Commission urging investigation of Tyson for false labour claims; incl. company comments /en/usa-advocacy-groups-file-complaint-with-federal-trade-commission-urging-investigation-of-tyson-for-false-labour-claims-incl-company-comments Thu, 30 Jul 2020 20:27:16 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213116 at Consumer groups challenge “deceptive” Tyson ads that brag about worker safety /en/consumer-groups-challenge-%E2%80%9Cdeceptive%E2%80%9D-tyson-ads-that-brag-about-worker-safety Thu, 30 Jul 2020 20:30:37 +0100 <>Sam Bloch, The Counter 213117 at A worker coalition in Arkansas and a Washington, D.C.-based environmental nonprofit have asked the government to stop Tyson Foods, one of America’s biggest meat companies, from advertising to the public that its workers are “safer than ever.” In a complaint filed today with the Federal Trade Commission... allege that the meat giant makes workplace safety claims that are “egregiously misleading” consumers. ... [Tyson] says that it ensures “safe and healthy” workplaces, but the complainants say that’s not true. Tyson has reported more severe injuries than all but two other companies since 2015, and had more Covid-19 cases than any other meatpacker during the pandemic. Nor could the company be “committed to improving the health and safety” of its workers, as it claims, because it hasn’t implemented social distancing at workstations or slowed down line speeds, two actions that federal agencies have recommended to stop the spread of the coronavirus. ... When asked for comment, a Tyson spokesman did not address the allegations made by Venceremos and Food and Water Watch, but directed The Counter to an announcement that the company has tested “nearly a third of its workforce” and plans to deploy 200 additional nurses and administrative staff to test “thousands of workers every week” across all facilities, and screen for symptoms. The company said that less than 1 percent of its American workforce of 120,000 currently has the disease.  Advocacy groups demand FTC investigate Tyson for false labor claims /en/advocacy-groups-demand-ftc-investigate-tyson-for-false-labor-claims Thu, 30 Jul 2020 20:34:06 +0100 <>Venceremos & Food & Water Watch 213118 at The complaint states, in part: "As a large and growing number of consumers become keenly interested in avoiding purchasing products that are produced by way of unsafe or unethical labor practices, producers like Tyson have sat up and taken note… For example, on its website, social media accounts, and in its Sustainability Report, Tyson falsely claims its contract growers are “independent farmers” and “family farmers” working in a system that is “transparent and offers long-term stability to farmers.” Tyson also falsely claims that it is “committed to improving the health and safety” of its slaughterhouse workers, and that “ensuring all of these tasks are done in the safest manner is its utmost priority.” In reality, however, Tyson’s contract growers have little to no freedom to make decisions for their chickens and barns, and are kept “in a state of indebted servitude” while under contract." ... “Every day I hear dreadful stories about how Tyson treats its workers, who often express they’re treated worse than the chicken they process. The lack of protections for workers has been exacerbated during the pandemic by the inadequate response of Tyson to protect workers from the deadly virus,” said Magaly Licolli, Director of Venceremos. “It’s completely unacceptable to allow Tyson to continue misleading consumers and the public about how they treat workers. The FTC must investigate Tyson’s advertising and compel them to either remove unsupported claims about the work environment or act immediately and adequately to support those claims, providing the necessary conditions for worker’s health and safety.” Australia: Govt will launch online register of companies' compliance with laws against servitude, trafficking & forced labour /en/australia-govt-will-launch-online-register-of-companies-compliance-with-laws-against-servitude-trafficking-forced-labour Thu, 30 Jul 2020 10:54:49 +0100 <>Andrew Tillett, Financial Review 213109 at "Companies to face scrutiny over modern slavery", 30 July 2020 About 3000 businesses will have to begin publicising their efforts to eradicate modern slavery from their supply chains or risk corporate reputational damage. The Morrison government is launching an online register [...] coinciding with World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, that will begin publishing companies' statements on their compliance with laws designed to stop the exploitation of workers through servitude, trafficking and forced labour. “This is the world’s first government-run website of its kind, and will provide Australian consumers, investors and civil society with an unprecedented window into the global supply chains that produce the goods and services we use every day,” Assistant Customs Minister Jason Wood said. [...] The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates there are up to 1900 victims of modern slavery in Australia, while globally the United Nations has put the figure at more than 40 million. Entities with a turnover of more than $100 million are required to submit their statements to the Australian Border Force. While at this stage there are no financial penalties, if statements are not lodged, the government can name and shame companies that do not comply, providing a powerful incentive for them to act. [...] Industries that are at high risk of cases of modern slavery in their supply chains include agriculture, seafood, mining, textiles and construction. [...] España: Relator especial sobre pobreza extrema alerta sobre la situación de los trabajadores migrantes del sector agrícola /en/node/213036 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 05:24:44 +0100 <>Noticias ONU 213036 at “La situación de los trabajadores migrantes estacionales en España pone sus vidas en peligro” - 24 de julio de 2020 ... Una serie de incidentes recientes han evidenciado las condiciones deplorables de los migrantes con trabajos agrícolas estacionales en territorio español. Sus vidas están en peligro, alerta un relator especial (…) ... Los gobiernos locales han permanecido en silencio durante demasiado tiempo y necesitan dar ahora una respuesta oportuna y adecuada”, enfatizó el relator especial sobre pobreza extrema y derechos humanos, Olivier De Schutter... Las condiciones en que viven y se desempeñan los trabajadores migrantes estacionales en España son lamentables y pueden conducirlos a la muerte, advirtió este viernes un experto de la ONU en derechos humanos refiriéndose a las personas que actualmente cultivan la fresa en España y que habitan en chabolas o barrios marginales cercanos a los campos agrícolas... En la última semana, tres incendios en los asentamientos informales de los municipios de Lepe y Lucena del Puerto, en la provincia meridional de Huelva, destruyeron la única opción de alojamiento para los trabajadores estacionales cuando llegan a España... De Schutter agregó que hasta el momento los gobiernos locales han ignorado a las más de 170 personas que quedaron a la intemperie como consecuencia de esos incendios... “Estos incidentes ponen de manifiesto la urgente necesidad de regularizar las condiciones de trabajo de los trabajadores migrantes y, por tanto, de garantizar unas condiciones de trabajo y de vivienda decentes”, subrayó De Schutter... Sin embargo, un mes después se observa un empeoramiento de su situación, que se deteriora de manera alarmante cada día en medio de la pandemia de COVID-19... Perú: Protesta contra la empresa minera Antapaccay: exigen un bono de emergencia para afrontar la pandemia /en/node/213037 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 05:56:59 +0100 <>Observatorio de Conflictos Mineros de América Latina 213037 at “Cusco: Pobladores de Espinar se enfrentan a la Policía durante protesta contra empresa minera” - 24 de julio ... Más de mil manifestantes bloquean las vías de ingreso a la provincia. Además, otro numeroso grupo intentó ingresar a las instalaciones de la empresa minera Antapaccay, donde se registró los actos de violencia. Varios pastizales fueron quemados... Comuneros de la provincia de Espinar, región Cusco, protestaron y bloquearon con piedras el acceso a la localidad, como parte de las manifestaciones en contra la empresa minera de la zona, a quien piden el pago de un bono de mil soles para más de 50 mil familias... El dirigente Fredy Llaique, en diálogo con RPP Noticias, manifestó que hoy estaba planificada una nueva reunión entre los miembros de la presidencia del Consejo de Ministros y los integrantes del Convenio Marco de Espinar, para conocer alcances de este bono, pero ellos no fueron invitados... “No nos han invitado y cualquier tipo de acuerdo que se lleve el día de hoy nosotros lo vamos a desconocer. El pueblo va a desconocer todo esto. Es lamentable también el actuar del alcalde. Esperemos que esto no pase a la tercera fase. Ahora estamos en la segunda fase de lucha. La Tercera fase es el cierre de la mina. Esperamos que el estado pueda intermediar en esto, pero siempre hablando con el pueblo”, expresó... A través de un Comunicado la empresa minera Antapaccay [parte de Glencore] rechazó los actos violentos en su campamento y pidió más respeto para los trabajadores que se encuentran laborando en el lugar y enfatizó que seguirán apoyando a las familias más humildes de la provincia de Espinar... Sin embargo, lamentó que producto del incendio de la casa de bombeo ubicada en la zona de Camaccmayo, los poblados de Tintaya-Marquiri se hayan quedado sin agua, por tiempo indefinido... América Latina: Red de vigilancia de OCMAL publica informe sobre minería y Covid-19 /en/node/213040 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 06:52:01 +0100 <>Observatorio de Conflictos Mineros de América Latina, OCMAL 213040 at “1er Informe de la Red de Vigilancia de OCMAL sobre minería y Covid-19" - 22 de julio de 2020 ... OCMAL, consciente de los riesgos de la minería en las circunstancias que se viven producto de la pandemia lanzó una Red de Vigilancia sobre Minería y Covid-19 para dar cuenta de los efectos de la actividad en esta nueva realidad y al mismo tiempo dar a conocer la situación en varios países de la región... Hoy presentamos la primera versión, esperando actualizar periódicamente la información y hacer de esta forma un llamado a estar alertas frente a los intentos de empresas y gobiernos de usar la excusa de la pandemia para ampliar las actividades mineras... Por otro lado, comunidades afectadas por proyectos mineros han mantenido su rechazo con manifestaciones físicas y virtuales, frente a una verdadera arremetida de las empresas mineras usando la emergencia para ganar terreno sobre todo, en aquellas localidades donde la falta de licencia social es uno de sus mayores problemas... Tal vez el caso mas dramático se ubica en la localidad de Calama en el norte de Chile afectada por el funcionamiento de grandes empresas mineras, entre las que se destaca la estatal Codelco que a nivel nacional al 10 de julio sumaba casi 3.000 trabajadores contagiados y ocho fallecidos hasta el 10 de julio....No se quedan atrás Brasil y Perú, que junto a Chile han sido países que han permitido el funcionamiento de la minería a pesar de las alertas sobre los riesgos de tal disposición. Las medidas de bioseguridad implementadas para el control de contagios entre trabajadores mineros han sido insuficientes a la luz de los resultados de contagios en ese sector extractivo... Colombia: Instituto publica informe sobre riesgos para el medio ambiente por minería de Minesa en el páramo de Santurbán /en/node/213041 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 07:20:52 +0100 <>International Institute for Environment and Development 213041 at “Disputas de inversión desde abajo: ¿De quién son los derechos? Minería, medio ambiente y formas de subsistencia en Colombia” - 23 de julio de 2020 ... En las últimas dos décadas, el páramo de Santurbán ha vivido un aumento de las actividades de exploración minera a gran escala, provocado por el cambio de las políticas públicas, el aumento de los precios del oro y un intenso conflicto que, a principios de siglo, dio lugar al repliegue de grupos guerrilleros en la zona. A medida que las multinacionales llegaron, el páramo se convirtió en el epicentro de las tensiones entre las empresas mineras, las autoridades públicas y las comunidades locales; y entre visiones opuestas del desarrollo... Las controversias jurídicas que se han desencadenado como consecuencia de estos hechos, han puesto de presente la forma en que los acuerdos para proteger la inversión extranjera han terminado por oscurecer aún más las complejidades propias de las disputas de inversión y han marginado a los actores cuyos derechos e intereses están en juego... En el caso del páramo de Santurbán, las compañías mineras canadienses han iniciado tres arbitrajes en contra del gobierno de Colombia. Las compañías se basan en las cláusulas del Acuerdo de promoción comercial entre la República de Colombia y Canadá y buscan ser indemnizadas por las medidas adoptadas por el Estado que protegen el páramo... En Bucaramanga, la movilización por el agua y el páramo debido a las actividades mineras se ha convertido en una parte importante de la vida de sus habitantes. Hablar con la gente en la calle revela una profunda preocupación por este problema...Más del 50% de la concesión de Eco Oro se había otorgado dentro del páramo, y la compañía respondió demandando al Estado ante el ISDS... Colombia: International mining investments in rural Colombia threaten Andean communities /en/colombia-international-mining-investments-in-rural-colombia-threaten-andean-communities Wed, 29 Jul 2020 17:17:05 +0100 <>International Institute for Environment and Development 213085 at “Investment disputes from below: whose rights matter? Mining, environment and livelihoods in Colombia” – 23 July 2020 … Colombians call this misty Andean ecosystem páramo. A precious carbon sink, the páramo of Santurbán has sustained social identity and cultural fabric for centuries. As we trek on a winding dirt track some 3,800 metres above sea level, Victor – a slim, quiet 50-something from the nearby village of Vetas – recounts the many generations whose lives unfolded on these slopes: the indigenous Chitareros; the European conquistadores, founders of Vetas; the gringos who over a century ago came searching for gold; and the artisanal miners whose livelihoods today depend on the gold hidden in the belly of these mountains. To millions of people living in the lands below these high moors, the páramo is life: an essential source of water, and a deeply felt presence towering over their existence. In recent years, this ecological and cultural site has come under growing commercial pressures that have raised probing questions about the role, and the limitations, of law in reconciling environmental, social and economic imperatives. Over the past two decades, the páramo of Santurbán experienced a surge in large-scale mining exploration, prompted by shifting public policies, rising gold prices and a bloody battle that, at the turn of the century, dislodged the local guerrilla units...Ten years ago, when Canadian mining company Eco Oro (then known as Greystar) [now Minesa, part of Mubadala Investment] sought an environmental licence for an open-pit mine, Erwing helped build a broad anti-mining coalition. Ranging from environmental activists to business groups, the coalition organised mass demonstrations – he estimates that at one point some 40,000 people marched in the streets of Bucaramanga..These days, Erwing and the committee are mainly concerned about another company’s proposed project (Spanish language), which, if approved, would mine close to the mountain village of California, below the páramo line, but still raising public concerns about water flowing down to the lowlands.  Colombia: Las víctimas entregan informe a la Comisión de la Verdad sobre el despojo en hacienda de palma aceitera del empresario brasilero /en/node/213091 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 18:17:45 +0100 <>El Espectador 213091 at “El despojo en la hacienda Bellacruz, en manos de la Comisión de la Verdad” – 29 de julio de 2020 Un documento entregado a esa entidad detalló el despojo con el que se configuró dicha hacienda en el sur del Cesar, que pasó de tener 100 hectáreas a más de 22.000, y luego a convertirse en un complejo de palma de aceite en cabeza del empresario Germán Efromovich…Con un látigo que tenía amarrados proyectiles en cada una de sus tres puntas fueron azotados los campesinos de la antigua hacienda Bellacruz cuando entraron los paramilitares a expulsarlos de sus tierras, en el sur del Cesar, reclamando que eran predios de la familia Marulanda…El episodio está narrado por los propios campesinos en un documento que lleva por nombre “Cuando tenga la tierra”, del Comité de Solidaridad con los Presos Políticos, que el pasado lunes entregó a la Comisión de la Verdad como contribución para esclarecer este caso emblemático de despojo en la hacienda Bellacruz, un extenso terreno ubicado en los municipios de Pelaya, La Gloria y Tamalameque…El informe se centró en documentar cómo se habría consolidado el modelo económico agroindustrial que creció luego de la violencia ejercida contra los colonos, que terminó acorralando su agricultura de subsistencia. En ese contexto, según el informe, la hacienda empezó con la compra de unos predios que rondaban las 100 hectáreas, llegó a alcanzar las 22 mil hectáreas y terminó convertida en un complejo de palma aceitera, en cabeza del empresario Germán Efromovich... “Informe auditoría de cumplimiento. Aspectos ambientales de la Sentencia SU-698/17 en relación con el proyecto de desvío del cauce del Arroyo Bruno” /en/node/213093 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 20:09:23 +0100 <>Contraloría General de la República 213093 at Junio de 2020 … El informe de la Mesa Interinstitucional es reiterativo en informar que la comunidad tenida en cuenta en el proceso de desviación parcial del Arroyo Bruno es la comunidad de Campo Herrera, a pesar de la insistencia de varias comunidades indígenas y afro de la región de ser incluidas dentro del proceso. En este sentido no se comparan las condiciones de los dos (2) escenarios, el artificial y el natural, frente a las necesidades del recurso hídrico tanto de la Comunidad de Campo Herrera, así como de las Comunidades Accionantes dentro del fallo de tutela y de la sentencia; es decir, las comunidades de: La Horqueta, La Gran Parada y Paradero…Se definió un escenario extremo de trabajo (desmantelamiento, cierre y abandono) para el desarrollo del informe de la Mesa Interinstitucional, sin mayores soportes, discusiones y análisis de riesgos y sesgos. • Con la selección del escenario de desmantelamiento, cierre y abandono para definir el marco de evaluación y decisión del eventual retorno temporal de las aguas al cauce natural del Arroyo Bruno, se orientó en alto grado desde el punto de vista económico tal decisión, en detrimento de los componentes ambientales y socioeconómicos de las comunidades accionantes…•Carencia, debilidades de un Coordinador técnico - científico para el informe que permitiese detectar los errores, inconsistencias y debilidades en todas sus fases de su desarrollo. • Debilidades en la presentación y tratamiento de la información utilizada para el desarrollo del informe presentado por la Mesa Interinstitucional. • Carencia de controles técnicos de parte de cada una de las entidades que participan en la elaboración del informe, falta de definición de un marco de toma de dediciones sobre que escenarios presentar evaluar y de cómo y porque se define el escenario de trabajo para el desarrollo del informe… Ecuador: Análisis experto indica los mitos económicos que presentan a la minería como salvación ante la caída de precios del petróleo /en/node/213094 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 21:54:13 +0100 <>Alberto Acosta y otros, en GK 213094 at “Sepultando el mito megaminero con sus propias cifras”  24 de julio de 2020 Los defensores de la megaminería promueven un boom minero en el que, según ellos, está “el futuro del desarrollo económico para el país”: pero lejos de ser una salvación, será una condena social, ambiental y económica…Se acaba el petróleo, y la minería tampoco nos salvará. Aunque el futuro es incierto —más aún en tiempos de una pandemia y una crisis económica sin igual— la era petrolera ecuatoriana podría estar cerca de su ocaso, mas aún en un contexto de precios muy bajos (ilustrado por el reciente colapso del precio del crudo en abril de 2020). En respuesta, tanto a ese desplome, los defensores de la megaminería promueven un boom minero en el que, según ellos, está “el futuro del desarrollo económico para el país”: pero lejos de ser una salvación, será una condena social, ambiental y económica…Correa celebraba el primer lingote de oro obtenido del proyecto megaminero Fruta del Norte, presentado por la minera sueco-canadiense Lundin Gold en junio de 2020. El discurso es claro: si el país quiere desarrollarse, la minería sería su última oportunidad…Sin embargo, este tipo de argumentos solo expresan múltiples intereses nacionales y transnacionales que anhelan lucrar de la gran minería y ganar legitimidad ante los ecuatorianos. En realidad, la megaminería es un mito.. Seminario en línea: "Empresas Multinacionales en América Latina: oportunidades y desafíos para la implementación de las LDEM-OCDE". /en/node/213095 Viernes 31 de julio, 6 pm hora de Buenos Aires Wed, 29 Jul 2020 23:10:52 +0100 <>UFLO 213095 at ¿Cómo se garantiza el acceso a la justicia y la reparción a víctimas de violaciones de Derechos Humanos ocasionadas por la actividad empresaria?  Este viernes junto a lxs compañerxs de UFLO vamos a charlar sobre #A2R y #BHR   Recuerda inscribirte en… Seminario Internacional: Transición Justa del Modelo Minero-energético. Descarbonización y alternativas transformadoras para el Caribe colombiano /en/node/213097 Viernes 31 de julio de 2020, 02:00 a 05:00 pm hora de Bogotá, Colombia Wed, 29 Jul 2020 23:24:00 +0100 <>AIDA, CINEP, CCAJAR, CENSAT, Universidad del Magdalena 213097 at Sexto Conversatorio y cierre artístico 多数の海外投資家がみずほFGに対する気候ネットワーク株主提案を支持 /en/node/213034 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 00:49:45 +0100 <>気候ネットワーク 213034 at 「【プレスリリース】多数の海外投資家がみずほFGに対する気候ネットワーク株主提案を支持」2020年6月25日 気候ネットワークが提出した気候変動に関する初の株主提案は、本日25日に開催されたみずほフィナンシャルグループ(みずほFG)の株主総会における議決において、否決という結果にはなりましたが、35%、金額にして5,000億USドルをはるかに超える株主が本提案を支持する結果となりました。特に、議決権行使助言会社大手のグラスルイス(Glass Lewis)とインスティテューショナル・シェアホルダー・サービシーズ(ISS)の2社が本提案への賛成を推奨していました。 本株主提案では、みずほFGに、パリ協定の目標に沿った投資を行うための経営戦略を記載した計画を開示するように求めていました。 …みずほFGは4月14日に「サステナビリティへの取り組み強化」を発表しましたが、多くの投資家は、その適用範囲と目標の面で気候ネットワークの株主提案の内容を満たしていると言えないことについても、賛同をしたことになります。 特に、改定されたサステナビリティ方針は、みずほFGの投融資のごく一部の目標を定めていることに過ぎず、みずほFGがその他の投融資をどのようにパリ協定の目標に整合させるのかという点について十分な計画を示していません。さらに掲げられた目標も、パリ協定の目標と整合しているとは言えません。 最新の分析では、みずほ FG が 2016 年から 2019 年の間に石炭火力発電に 42.4 億 US ドルの融資および引受を行っていたことが記されています。さらにみずほFGは、ベトナムでのブンアン2石炭火力発電所への融資を引き続き検討しているとも伝えられています。 みずほFGは、本日の株主総会で2050年としている石炭火力発電所向けの与信残高をゼロにする目標を2040年に前倒し達成できるとみていることを説明し、また、電力ユーティリティーなどのリスクが高いセクターの事業構造転換を図ることはみずほFGの使命だとも強調しました… Major Chinese supplier of Australian train parts blacklisted by US denies allegations of using forced labour /en/major-chinese-supplier-of-australian-train-parts-blacklisted-by-us-denies-allegations-of-using-forced-labour Wed, 29 Jul 2020 03:51:22 +0100 <>The Guardian (UK) 213035 at “Chinese supplier of Australian train parts accused of using Uighur labour vows to fight US blacklisting”, 28 July 2020 … the KTK Group, which has extensive operations in Australia, was one of 11 companies added to a US blacklist over the alleged use of forced Uighur labour in China… KTK, which provides interior fittings for trains, is a major supplier to state government transport departments, working with the New South Wales government on the Sydney metro and new intercity fleet projects, Victoria on the X’Trapolis and high capacity metro train projects, and Queensland on its $4.4bn next generation rolling stock fleet project. Following the announcement, Queensland’s transport minister Mark Bailey asked his department to urgently review whether parts manufactured by KTK overseas and installed in the state’s new trains involved any forced labour, and urged Qtectic, the consortium responsible for maintenance, to find alternate suppliers… Victoria’s transport department said it has asked its manufacturers to “take additional steps to ensure the integrity of their supply chains”, but had received assurances from KTK that no forced labour had been used. KTK has stridently denied the allegations, saying it was added to the blacklist in the absence of any proof. It says it has never employed any Uighurs in any part of its supply chain. A spokeswoman said it had also engaged lawyers in the US to fight the government’s decision to blacklist it… “KTK Group has never been involved in the employment of any forced labour and the company has never employed any people of Uyghur ethnicity,” the spokeswoman said… Global Witness report details continued rise in lethal attacks against land & environmental defenders on the frontline of the climate crisis /en/global-witness-report-details-continued-rise-in-lethal-attacks-against-land-environmental-defenders-on-the-frontline-of-the-climate-crisis Wed, 29 Jul 2020 06:40:16 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213038 at 212 murdered land and environmental defenders recorded in 2019, making it deadliest year on record for people defending against climate-destructive industries Agribusiness and oil, gas and mining found to be the biggest industrial drivers of conflict against defenders Over half of all reported killings occurred in two countries: Colombia and the Philippines.  Defending Tomorrow: The climate crisis and threats against land and environmental defenders /en/defending-tomorrow-the-climate-crisis-and-threats-against-land-and-environmental-defenders Wed, 29 Jul 2020 06:42:14 +0100 <>Global Witness 213039 at …Communities across the world are standing up to carbon-intensive industries and exposing unsustainable business practices wreaking havoc on ecosystems and our climate… This report is based on research into the killings and enforced disappearances of land and environmental defenders between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019. It also shows the broader range of non-lethal threats and criminalisation that they face. The documented number of lethal attacks against these defenders continues to rise… Mining was still the most culpable industry – connected with the murders of 50 defenders in 2019. Communities opposing carbon intensive oil, gas and coal projects faced continued threats. Attacks, murders and massacres were used to clear the path for commodities like palm oil and sugar. In 2019, Global Witness documented 34 killings linked to large-scale agriculture… Asia has consistently been the worst region for agribusiness-related attacks …Logging was the sector with the highest increase in killings globally since 2018, with 85% more attacks recorded against defenders opposing the industry… Indigenous peoples are at a disproportionate risk of reprisals. Last year, 40% of murdered defenders belonged to indigenous communities. Between 2015 and 2019 over a third of all fatal attacks have targeted indigenous people… [Refers to Del Monte, Dole &amp; FMO]. Un nombre record de défenseurs des droits à la terre et de l'environnement assassinés en 2019, selon le rapport annuel de Global Witness /en/node/213043 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 08:43:46 +0100 <>Global Witness 213043 at « Le nombre d'assassinats de militants pour la défense de la terre et de l'environnement en une année a été plus élevé que jamais, s'alarme Global Witness », 29 juillet 2020. Global Witness dévoile aujourd'hui un sombre record de défenseurs des droits à la terre et de l'environnement assassinés en une seule année : 212 personnes ont été tuées en 2019...Le rapport annuel de l'ONG a également mis en lumière le rôle critique que jouent les défenseurs des droits...dans la lutte urgente contre la dégradation du climat...En moyenne, quatre défenseurs ont été tués chaque semaine depuis la création de l'accord de Paris sur le climat en décembre de la moitié des meurtres signalés l'année dernière se sont produits dans deux pays seulement : la Colombie (...64 assassinats) et les Philippines (un nombre en hausse, passant de 30 assassinant en 2018 à 43 en 2019)... Parmi ces meurtres figure celui de Datu Kaylo Bontolan, assassiné aux Philippines après s'être opposé à l'exploitation minière illégale dans la région...Le secteur minier a été le plus meurtrier au monde avec 50 défenseurs tués en 2019, l'agroalimentaire restant une menace, en particulier en Asie où se sont déroulées 80 % des attaques liées à l'agroalimentaire... L'ONG souligne également le fait qu’en ce moment les communautés indigènes subissent des attaques disproportionnées...Pourtant les recherches montrent que les communautés indigènes et locales gèrent des forêts qui contiennent l'équivalent en carbone d'au moins 33 fois nos émissions annuelles actuelles... Beyond Business-As-Usual: Lessons from Workers, Communities, and the Failed Experiment of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives /en/beyond-business-as-usual-lessons-from-workers-communities-and-the-failed-experiment-of-multi-stakeholder-initiatives Wed, 29 Jul 2020 09:36:26 +0100 <>International Human Rights Clinic, Harvard Law School; MSI Integrity 213044 at Date &amp; Time: 30 July 2020, 10:00 - 11:00 ET / 15:00 - 16:00 BST For the past three decades, the corporate accountability and business and human rights communities have been in a process of experimentation, searching for interventions that protect people and the environment from corporate abuse. From treaties and due diligence, to naming-and-shaming and direct engagement, the efforts underway span far and wide. MSI Integrity’s recent report examines one such experiment—international standard-setting multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs)—and provides a cautionary tale to guide present and future processes. After a decade of research and analysis, MSI Integrity has concluded that this experiment has failed in its goal of effectively protecting rights, and in its place, human rights initiatives and businesses with worker/community-centered governance and ownership models must become the norm to root out abuse. This discussion will unpack the lessons from the failed MSI experiment and explore alternative business and human rights intervention models developed by rights holders and workers themselves. What makes them different and what considerations are prioritized? What are the impediments and obstacles for these initiatives, and how might they scale and grow? How can we promote more people-powered solutions to challenging corporate power? Speakers will include: – Joseph Cureton, Chief Coordinating Officer at Obran Cooperative– Dr. Surya Deva, Member, UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights– Amelia Evans, Executive Director, MSI Integrity– Daniel Fireside, Capital Coordinator, Equal Exchange– Tyler Giannini, Co-Director and Clinical Professor, International Human Rights Clinic and Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School– Gerardo Reyes Chavez, a key leader from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers Every week, an average of four of environmental & land defenders are killed for opposing destruction by industry, Global Witness report says /en/every-week-an-average-of-four-of-environmental-land-defenders-are-killed-for-opposing-destruction-by-industry-global-witness-report-says Wed, 29 Jul 2020 09:57:27 +0100 <>Amanda Schupak, Huffpost 213050 at "Grim Report Shows How Many Environmental Activists Were Killed Last Year", 28 Jul 2020 The year 2019 was the most dangerous on record for environmental activists, a new report says. Every day around the world, people stand up to companies exploiting land for profit, felling trees, damming and polluting waterways, displacing ancestral 澳门线上真人正规博彩homes and destroying wildlife habitats. Every week, an average of four of these defenders are killed.  The Global Witness… report… counted 212 people killed last year for their efforts to protect the Earth from the destructive effects of development for oil and gas, mineral extraction, agriculture, logging…  “Our figures are almost certainly an underestimate,” the s write… The violence is especially high against Indigenous people, who accounted for 40% of land defenders killed… though they make up only about 5% of the world’s population… Violence… is greatest in Central and South America… The Global Witness report counted… 33 people killed defending the Amazon, a vital but threatened repository for atmospheric carbon. Escalating deforestation from logging, mining, fires, and agriculture — actions… encouraged by Brazil’s… Jair Bolsonaro — threaten the forest, indigenous people… and the… climate… The struggles of the Indigenous communities against destructive development is an existential issue, said María Martín Quintana, advocacy coordinator for…IM-Defensoras, impacting “their ways of life and the survival of life in their territories.” Violence is also “classist, racist and misogynist,” she added… Weekly Update 29 July: Rise in attacks against land & environmental defenders - Global Witness report /en/weekly-update-29-july-rise-in-attacks-against-land-environmental-defenders-global-witness-report Wed, 29 Jul 2020 12:30:29 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213062 at Our run down of this week's top stories and breaking news about business &amp; human rights. Includes company responses, the latest jobs and events announcements. READ THE FULL UPDATE Archive of past Weekly Updates since 2005 Weekly update sign-up Relatório da Global Witness detalha o aumento contínuo de ataques letais contra defensores da terra e do meio ambiente na linha de frente da crise climática /en/node/213063 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 12:39:22 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213063 at 212 defensores da terra e do meio ambiente assassinados registrados em 2019, tornando-o o ano mais mortífero registrado para as pessoas que defendem contra as indústrias destruidoras do clima O agronegócio e o petróleo, o gás e a mineração são considerados os maiores motores industriais de conflito contra os defensores Mais da metade de todos os assassinatos relatados ocorreram em dois países: Colômbia e Filipinas No Brasil, foram 24 mortos, entre eles, 10 eram indígenas   Global Witness regista o maior número de ativistas ambientais e da terra assassinados em um ano - em conexão com a rápida aceleração do colapso climático, uma crescente preocupação /en/node/213064 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 12:59:02 +0100 <>Global Witness 213064 at O relatório anual...esclareceu o papel urgente que os defensores da terra e do meio ambiente desempenham no combate à degradação do clima, opondo-se a indústrias com utilização intensiva de carbono e insustentáveis, que estão acelerando o aquecimento global e os danos ambientais. Aponta como, sob o aumento da repressão e da vigilância durante o lockdown da pandemia da Covid-19, a proteção desses ativistas torna-se ainda mais imprescindível para a reconstrução de um planeta mais seguro e mais verde. Em média, quatro defensores são mortos todas as semanas desde a criação do acordo climático de Paris em dezembro de 2015. Inúmeros outros são silenciados por ataques violentos, detenções, ameaças de morte ou processos judiciais...mais da metade de todas as mortes relatadas no ano passado ocorreram em apenas dois países: Colômbia (com um pico de 64) e Filipinas (passando de 30 em 2018 para 43 em 2019). Globalmente, o verdadeiro número de assassinatos provavelmente foi muito maior, pois os casos geralmente não são documentados... Relatório de ONG internacional aponta 24 assassinatos de ativistas no Brasil em 2019; 10 deles eram indígenas /en/node/213065 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 14:44:14 +0100 <>G1 213065 at A ONG internacional Global Witness publicou...relatório que contabiliza o número de assassinatos de ativistas ambientais e defensores dos direitos humanos em 2019. No Brasil, foram 24 mortos, sendo que 10 eram indígenas. No mundo, os crimes bateram recorde no ano passado: 212 pessoas executadas.  ...Dos 24 defensores mortos no Brasil, 10 eram indígenas, nove campesinos, dois de familiares ligados a ativistas, um servidor público e dois classificados como outros. Os estados que mais registraram mortes foram Pará (7), Amazonas (5), Maranhão (4) e Mato Grosso (2). Amapá, Bahia, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Pernambuco e Rondônia registraram, cada estado, um assassinato. Entre os 10 indígenas assassinados, oito eram da Amazônia: Amazonas (4), Maranhão (3) e Amapá (1). Os outros dois, um do Mato Grosso do Sul e um do Paraná... ...Quase metade de todas as mortes ocorreram nos dois primeiros países: Colômbia e Filipinas. A mineração foi o setor que mais teve relação com os assassinatos no mundo, com 50 defensores mortos em 2019. Mais da metade desses assassinados pertenciam a comunidades afetadas na América Latina... UK: Supreme Court hears appeal in Asda gender pay discrimination case /en/uk-supreme-court-hears-appeal-in-asda-gender-pay-discrimination-case Wed, 29 Jul 2020 15:18:58 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213069 at The UK's Supreme Court will hear an appeal in which Asda argues that shopfloor workers, who are predominantly women, cannot be compared with predominantly male distribution staff for the purposes of equal pay. The ruling will have repercussions for simiilar equal pay cases involving Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Co-op. Brasil: Levantamento aponta que Gov. Bolsonaro aumentou em 12 vezes o número de decretos que tratam de temas ambientais /en/node/213070 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 15:27:25 +0100 <>Folha de São Paulo 213070 at “Governo acelerou canetadas sobre meio ambiente durante a pandemia. Levantamento mostra explosão de atos do Executivo sobre questões ambientais entre março e maio e indica boiada defendida por Salles”, 28 de Julho de 2020  O governo Bolsonaro acelerou a publicação de atos sobre meio ambiente durante os meses de maior crescimento da pandemia da Covid-19 no país. Levantamento da Folha em parceria com o Instituto Talanoa mostra que, entre março e maio deste ano, o Executivo federal publicou 195 atos no Diário Oficial...relacionados ao tema ambiental. Nos mesmos meses de 2019, foram apenas 16 atos publicados. ...Os atos do Executivo, de forma geral, servem para direcionar o cumprimento das leis e complementar sua aplicação. No entanto, a análise também aponta que uma parte dessas medidas infralegais tentou mudar o entendimento da legislação. O resultado do levantamento vai ao encontro do que o ministro do Meio Ambiente, Ricardo Salles, defendeu na reunião ministerial de 22 de abril, cujo teor veio a público em maio, após decisão do Supremo Tribunal Federal... Entidades ligadas ao meio ambiente e especialistas viram na declaração a confissão de que o ministro buscava, por meio de atos infralegais, desmontar as políticas ambientais previstas por lei —e cuja alteração, portanto, deveria passar pelo Poder Legislativo. Brasil: Pequenas cidades se mobilizam contra o agronegócio e a pulverização de agrotóxicos pelo ar /en/node/213072 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 15:47:47 +0100 <>Agência Pública e Repórter Brasil 213072 at “Como o agronegócio atua para garantir a pulverização de agrotóxicos pelo ar”, 23 de Julho de 2020 Imagine viver em uma região onde é comum ter problemas respiratórios. Em que no começo da noite, o cheiro de produtos tóxicos invade as casas, levando os moradores a sofrer com dores de cabeça, náuseas e vômitos. Surgem casos de câncer, algumas mulheres grávidas sofrem abortos espontâneos e bezerros nos pastos passam a nascer sem órgãos. Essa é a história que contam os moradores do município de Boa Esperança, no interior do Espírito Santo. A revolta com a situação levou mais de 10% da população da cidade a assinar um projeto de lei de iniciativa popular para proibir a pulverização aérea de agrotóxicos. O padre Romário Hastenreiter, pároco da Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Graças, deu início ao abaixo assinado, que contou com apoio de 2680 dos quase 15 mil moradores....O projeto foi votado sob grande pressão popular...Deu resultado e os vereadores decidiram por unanimidade aprovar o projeto, depois sancionado pelo prefeito.  ...Boa Esperança faz parte de um grupo de 15 municípios e um estado, o Ceará, que, mesmo diante do lobby do agronegócio, baniram de vez a fumigação aérea. Mas as decisões não foram bem aceitas e, para suspendê-las, alguns gigantes do setor agrícola e de transporte aéreo recorreram até ao Judiciário. Cerca de 10% da população de Bom Sucesso (ES) assinou um projeto de lei de iniciativa popular para proibir a pulverização aérea de agrotóxicos na cidade...o maior problema é o enorme risco do veneno atingir mais locais do que apenas o alvo da fumigação. A Confederação Nacional da Agricultura e Pecuária do Brasil (CNA) entrou com duas ações no Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) questionando a constitucionalidade das legislações...O agrotóxico mais usado na região era o Round Up, da Monsanto. O produto é feito à base de Glifosato, pesticida mais vendido no Brasil e no mundo. Em 2015, após diversos estudos, a Agência Internacional de Pesquisa em Câncer (Iarc) classificou o produto como provavelmente carcinogênico para humanos. DEFENDER EL MAÑANA: La crisis climática y amenazas contra defensores de la tierra y el medio ambiente /en/node/213073 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 15:55:54 +0100 <>Global Witness 213073 at ...Durante años, las personas defensoras de la tierra y el medio ambiente han estado en la primera línea de defensa en contra de las causas e impactos del colapso climático.  La crisis climática es posiblemente la mayor amenaza global a nuestra existencia. A medida que aumenta, muchos de los otros serios problemas en el mundo actual, empeoran – desde la desigualdad económica hasta la injusticia racial y la propagación de enfermedades zoonóticas. Durante años, las personas defensoras de la tierra y el medio ambiente han estado en la primera línea de defensa en contra de las causas e impactos del colapso climático. Una y otra vez, han desafiado a industrias irresponsables que arrasan descontroladamente bosques, cielos, humedales, océanos y zonas de biodiversidad en riesgo... Sin embargo, a pesar de la evidencia contundente sobre la importancia de su rol y los incesantes peligros que enfrentan, numerosas empresas, financiadoras y gobiernos, fallan en proteger su importante y pacífica labor. Nuestro informe anual sobre asesinatos de personas defensoras de la tierra y el medio ambiente de 2019, muestra el número más alto de muertes en un solo año hasta la fecha. 212 personas defensoras de la tierra y el medio ambiente fueron asesinadas en 2019, un promedio de más de cuatro personas por semana... Resposta da Vale /en/node/213074 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 15:59:05 +0100 <>Vale 213074 at ..nosso portal ESG...podem encontrar informações sobre as ações que a Vale implementou para o enfrentamento do corona vírus em nossos sites e nas comunidades do entorno de nossas operações. Ver ações em:  1. Vale investe em ajuda humanitária para combater a COVID-19 nos países em que está presente           2. Vale Já Destinou R$ 352,8 Milhões para o Combate ao Novo Coronavírus no Brasil 3. Vale Atualiza Sobre Pacote de Ajuda Temporária para Fornecedores 4. Coronavírus: Vale Informa Sobre Medidas Adotadas Para Minimizar Risco de Contágio de Funcionários e Comunidade   Estados Unidos: Personas migrantes mexicanas altamente educadas enfrentan desventajas en la incorporación ocupacional /en/node/213075 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 16:14:21 +0100 <>CEPAL 213075 at "Diferencias en la incorporación ocupacional de los mexicanos y descendientes de mexicanos altamente calificados en los Estados Unidos entre 2008 y 2018", julio 2020 ...El objetivo de este ensayo es determinar el peso de las variables que inciden en la incorporación ocupacional de mexicanos (primera generación) o descendientes de mexicanos (segunda y tercera generación) de ambos sexos residentes en los Estados Unidos entre 2008 y 2018. Con datos de la Encuesta Continua de Población (Current Population Survey (CPS)) se analiza la inserción ocupacional de migrantes mexicanos calificados de primera generación y se estiman las probabilidades de incorporación en empleos acordes o no con el nivel educativo a partir de modelos de regresión logísticos para cada una de las tres generaciones. Los resultados de las regresiones logísticas confirman la mayor desventaja que enfrentan los inmigrantes mexicanos de primera generación altamente educados en el mercado laboral estadounidense; además indican que esta desventaja se sostiene durante y después de la crisis económica de 2008 y a lo largo del período analizado. Resposta da Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Óleos Vegetais - Abiove /en/node/213076 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 16:21:19 +0100 <>Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Óleos Vegetais 213076 at A Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Óleos Vegetais (ABIOVE) informa que as fábricas de suas associadas se mantiveram operantes durante a quarentena com propósito de garantir a segurança alimentar e energética para a população em meio ao avanço da pandemia da COVID-19 no mundo...  ...Ações como distanciamento físico, disponibilização de sanitizantes e de equipamentos para conter o contágio, como luvas e máscaras, já são práticas adotadas em ambientes fabris, mas que foram intensificadas no atual cenário, em conjunto com outras ações especiais, como:  Medidas de higienização dos ambientes... Implantação de todas as instruções de higiene, saúde e segurança... Medidas para a não formação de aglomerações... Atendimento médico  ...As associadas à ABIOVE também são conhecidas pela produção de farelo proteico...e óleos vegetais... Para abastecer os consumidores dos nossos produtos, é preciso garantir às transportadoras e motoristas autônomos...o livre tráfego de cargas e manter as condições mínimas de trabalho, seguindo as orientações de saúde e segurança previstas pelos órgãos competentes (nacionais e internacionais).  ...Também...desenvolveu uma cartilha com o apoio dos parceiros regionais que informa ao produtor rural todos os procedimentos necessários para mitigar os índices de contaminação Estados Unidos: Se analiza la disparidad salarial en inmigrantes de América Latina y el Caribe /en/node/213077 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 16:24:14 +0100 <>CEPAL 213077 at "Disparidad salarial en inmigrantes calificados de América Latina y el Caribe en los Estados Unidos", julio 2020 ...En este artículo se analizan las diferencias salariales entre los inmigrantes calificados y los nativos blancos no hispanos en los Estados Unidos, por lugar de origen, sexo y tipo de ocupación. La metodología se centra en el análisis cuantitativo. En general, los inmigrantes latinoamericanos y los afroestadounidenses calificados perciben menores salarios anuales que los nativos blancos no hispanos calificados, y los salarios de las inmigrantes calificadas son inferiores a los de sus pares hombres. Es posible que las diferencias entre los grupos se deban al trato desigual que ejerce el mercado hacia muchos de los inmigrantes latinoamericanos altamente calificados y hacia las mujeres en las ocupaciones de mayor valor y prestigio social. Resposta da Minerva Foods /en/node/213078 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 16:39:08 +0100 <>Minerva Foods 213078 at ...Minerva Foods...vem operando com um rigoroso Plano de Contingência...entre as quais:  ... Aquisição de testes de diagnóstico rápido do novo coronavírus... Monitoramento da temperatura corporal na entrada do transporte... ...Antecipação da campanha de vacinação tetravalente contra a gripe... Instalação de barreiras de proteção entre postos de trabalho;  Afastamento dos trabalhadores do grupo de risco;  Redução do número de trabalhadores nos transportes... Fornecimento e uso obrigatório de máscaras para todos os funcionários;  Disponibilização de recipientes de álcool em gel em todas as unidades;  Intensa higienização dos postos de trabalho e pontos de contato coletivo... Adoção de trabalho remoto (澳门线上真人正规博彩home office) para funcionários das áreas administrativas, nas quais é possível implementar esse formato.    Resposta da SulAmerica /en/node/213084 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 17:02:14 +0100 <>SulAmerica 213084 at ...principais iniciativas da SulAmérica para: Para Terceiros: Trabalho remoto para toda a força de trabalho elegível e terceiros, com quase 100% dos colaboradores trabalhando de casa no período de quarentena e isolamento social;  Fechamento dos caixas eletrônicos e agências dentro dos prédios da Cia; Acompanhamento de fornecedores críticos Condições especiais de serviços para quem precisar ir ao prédio Fechamento das sedes RJ e SP e das filiais  Para corretores: Com fechamento de filiais e Centros Automotivos SulAmérica (CASAs), a companhia vem reforçando com corretores parceiros que as operações e os canais de atendimento continuarão funcionando normalmente, porém de forma diferente, potencializando o uso das tecnologias e ferramentas digitais.  Todas as orientações necessárias para manter as relações comercias podem ser acessadas no hotsite exclusivo criado para eles: clique aqui.  Visitas e treinamentos virtuais visando compreensão das novas rotinas e apresentando novos produtos; Para prestadores: Disponibilização de plataforma digital para médicos, psicólogos, fisioterapeutas, nutricionista, fonoaudiólogos e terapeutas ocupacionais para atendimento a distância, permitindo a continuidade do exercício da profissão de forma segura Avaliação contínua dos cenários de inadimplência, pedidos de renegociação de clientes e adiantamento de prestadores no contexto da pandemia. Em caso de serviços emergenciais à residência ou ao veículo de clientes, reforçamos as medidas de segurança e higiene Global Witness muestra que aumentan los asesinatos de personas defensoras de la tierra y el medio ambiente mientras la crisis climática empeora /en/node/213086 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 17:34:22 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213086 at 212 personas defensoras de tierra y medio ambiente registrados en 2019; el año más sangrante para personas defendiendo el medio ambiente en contra de industrias que destruyen el clima Los sectores más conflictivos son agroindustria, petroleo, gas y minería Más que la mitad de los asesinatos ocurrieron en dos países: Colombia y las Filipinas ARTICLE 19 & Danish Institute for Human Rights assist Public Interest Registry on human rights /en/article-19-danish-institute-for-human-rights-assist-public-interest-registry-on-human-rights Wed, 29 Jul 2020 17:35:12 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213087 at   La crisis climática y amenazas contra defensores de la tierra y el medio ambiente /en/node/213089 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 17:38:45 +0100 <>Global Witness 213089 at Colombia: el país más letal para líderes ambientales /en/node/213090 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 17:42:46 +0100 <>El Espectador (Colombia) 213090 at ...De acuerdo con el informe anual de la ONG Global Witness, que recopila el asesinato de líderes ambientales, 212 líderes fueron asesinados en 2019, el año más letal para defensores ambientales. Tal vez lo más preocupante es que la mitad de estos hechos sucedieron en dos países: Colombia y Filipinas. En promedio, cuatro personas defensoras han sido asesinadas cada semana desde diciembre de 2015, mes en el cual se firmó el Acuerdo Climático de París, momento en que el mundo aparentemente se unió bajo la esperanza de alcanzar una nueva era de progreso en la lucha contra el cambio climático. Y en particular en Colombia, el informe demuestra que el asesinato de líderes comunitarios y sociales ha aumentado dramáticamente, con 64 activistas por la tierra y el medio ambiente asesinados. Esto significa más del doble del número de asesinatos ocurrido en 2018, y la cifra más alta registrada por Global Witness en el país. Sobre el total de estas muertes, 14 están relacionadas con la sustitución ilegal de cultivos... Okomu Oil Palm Company Plc 回答 /en/node/213092 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 18:55:24 +0100 <>Okomu Oil Palm Company 213092 at [日本語翻訳記事提供: 経済人コー円卓会議日本委員会] 我々のよく知っているAjele長官のブログに注目していただき、ありがとうございます。彼は我々の会社や政府、その他に対し、何年にもわたって多くの偽りの申し立てと中傷をおこなってきましたが、そのいずれも証拠がなかったため、すべて拒否または無視されてきました。最近の彼の中傷的な激しい非難は、そのよい例です。 彼が書いた2020年6月のブログに応えて、我々の会社は、どの陣営に属するどんな家も焼き払ったことはないと、もう一度お伝えします。Ajele氏がIjaw-Gbeneと名付けている村の存在を我々が知らないというのも奇妙です。なぜなら我々は、プランテーションを取り巻くすべてのコミュニティについて知っていますので(添付の衛星写真をご参照ください)。またもしも、当社が「地域社会に対するさらなるテロ攻撃」の首謀者であるならば、なぜ、これらのコミュニティは、こうした事件について、過去においても、そして、今回申し立てられた最新の事件の後も、警察に通報していないのでしょうか?私たちは、今回申し立てられた事件に関してだけですでに2ヶ月近く、我々の会社が彼らに対するテロ攻撃をしていると主張するAjele氏およびいずれかのコミュニティからの訴えに関する、警察による事件整理を待ち続けています。1976年以降、同じ土地に合法的に置かれている(当社のウエブサイトに掲載されている入居証明書と地図をご覧ください)法律を遵守する上場会社として、我々は、これまでに誰一人として土地から強制的に追い出したり、何一つ建物を焼き払ったり、どんな森林破壊もしたことはないと、さらに強調しておきます。実際、持続可能なパーム油に関する円卓会議(RSPO)のメンバーとして、当社は認証を取得するために、義務とされている高い保全価値と高い炭素貯蔵(HCV/HCS)に関する評価を受けることを義務付けられただけでなく、RSPOが、その後も当社が森林破壊を起こさず、政府あるいは共同体の土地の境界をこえておらず、HCVを除去したりせず、焼き払ったり誰かを強制的に追い出したりしていないことを確認するために、衛星技術を利用した土地利用変化分析(LUCA)を受けることを義務付けられました。それぞれの独立した環境、公的社会およびコミュニティへの影響評価(ESIA)に沿ったこれらの分析は、RSPOのALSウエブサイトから閲覧できます。RSPO登録番号は1-0269-19-100-00です。 加えて、企業の社会的責任(CSR)プロジェクトがすべて掲載されている、当社のウェブサイト(もご覧ください。そこでは、Ajele氏が、我々が焼き払ったと非難した村々の一つであるアグベデキャンプに、当社が最近、地下水汲み上げ井戸を建設さえしていることを見ることができるでしょう。さらにいえば、(Ijaw-Gbeneとは異なり)我々がよく知っているアグべデ、レーモン、オワイケといったキャンプは、今日でも、利用可能なその地域の衛星写真にはっきりと写っています。当社がこれらのキャンプを焼き払ったというAjele氏の主張を、改めて、断固として否定いたします。この点に関して、最近の衛星写真のコピーも確認のためご覧いただければと思います。この写真には、オコム川に沿った当社の境界と、当社によって焼き払われたと申し立てられているそれぞれのキャンプが、まだはっきりと写っています。最近名付けられたキャンプ群もまた、当社の所有物ではなく、違法ではありますが、実際には居住しており、場合によっては添付の写真に示すように、オコム川を渡り隣接する連邦政府の森林保護区あるいはオコム国立公園にまたがっています。 Ajele氏独自のオコムコミュニティは、オコム川に沿って我々の所有地の25km下流にあり、当社に対する彼の進行中のレトリックにも関わらず、過去において、当社の進行中のCSRプロジェクトである奨学金と青少年育成計画の受益者でもあったことも、当社のウェブサイトで確認していただけます。 ちなみに、先に述べたRSPO認証とは別に、当社は現在、ISO9001:2008、ISO14001:2015、OHSAS18001:2007の認証を受けており、人権とコミュニティの権利の擁護者であることを誇りに感じています。実際、我々がこれまでに受賞した賞がそれを物語っています。2014年と2015年に、NAAによるCSR Company of the yearの受賞歴があり、2019 Capital Finance Internationalの「ベストコミュニティインパクトCSRプログラム‐ナイジェリア2019」でファイナリストになりました( あるいはwww.cfi.coをご参照ください)。 結論として、Ajele氏が書かれた当社に対するブログの内容には、実質的な証拠が何もないということに、もしまだご満足いただけないようでしたら、ご不明な点についてお気軽にお問合せください。あなたの疑問にお答えできると思います。また、ジャーナリストの方々が当社を訪問されることを歓迎いたします。武装勢力のために安全が脅かされつつある中、我々の影響が及ぶ地元の29のコミュニティの生活をよりよいものにすべく、少しずつ変化させていくのに我々がどれだけ忙しいかをお見せできればと思います。あるいは、あなたの疑問に対する我々の説明に完全に満足し、問題は解決した、という確認書をお送りくださることを期待しています。  敬具 Dr Graham Hefer 取締役社長 USA: Congress scrutinizes Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook in antitrust hearing /en/usa-congress-scrutinizes-amazon-apple-google-and-facebook-in-antitrust-hearing Fri, 31 Jul 2020 17:33:43 +0100 <>Cecilia Kang and David McCabe, New York Times 213142 at "Lawmakers, United in Their Ire, Lash Out at Big Tech’s Leaders," 29 July 2020 The chief executives of Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook…faced withering questions from Republican and Democratic lawmakers…for the tactics and market dominance that had made their enterprises successful. …Democratic lawmakers criticized the tech companies for buying start-ups to stifle them and for unfairly using their data hoards to clone and kill off competitors, while Republicans questioned whether the platforms had muzzled conservative viewpoints and were unpatriotic. …[Chief Executives] Mr. Pichai, Mr. Zuckerberg, Mr. Cook and Mr. Bezos…presented themselves as participants in enormously competitive and fast-changing digital marketplaces, and they evaded questions about the decisions that turned their companies into giants. …[A]ny impact will be limited by antitrust laws that were created a century ago and that are imperfect for corralling internet firms…The tech giants have generally not driven up prices of digital services or consumer goods; many do not charge at all for services like Google Maps or Instagram. …Regulators around the world are also moving to limit the power of the tech giants. Europe has led the charge with antitrust investigations and…Turkey passed legislation giving its government sweeping new powers to regulate social media content. [Also refers to: Microsoft, Instagram, Basecamp] Actualités Hebdo 29 juillet : Chine : La pression monte contre les entreprises accusées de profiter du travail forcé des minorités /en/node/165058 Wed, 15 Nov 2017 16:55:44 +0000 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 165058 at Vous trouverez ici un aperçu des meilleurs articles et des sujets brûlants relatifs aux entreprises et aux droits de l'homme. Avec les réponses des entreprises aux allégations ainsi que des annonces pertinentes. Lire les Actualités en entier Archives des « Actualités Hebdomadaires » Souscrire aux « Actualités Hebdomadaires » Zimbabwe: Diamond mining giant CEO call for a diamond policy with mandate for miners to uplift surrounding communities /en/zimbabwe-diamond-mining-giant-ceo-call-for-a-diamond-policy-with-mandate-for-miners-to-uplift-surrounding-communities Wed, 29 Jul 2020 09:37:52 +0100 <>The Zimbabwe Daily 213045 at ‘Chiadzwa poverty levels shocking: ZCDC boss’ 25 July 2020 ZIMBABWE Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) acting chief executive Roberto De Pretto yesterday said he was shocked by the level of poverty and underdevelopment in Chiadzwa despite being endowed with one of the largest diamond deposits in the world. De Pretto made the remarks during a stakeholders meeting in Mutare which was hosted by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Mining Development. He said almost 15 years after diamonds were discovered in Chiadzwa, the area still had no running water and poor roads while children still walked long distances to school. …“It is disheartening to walk past Chiadzwa, the area is still underdeveloped since 2005 when diamonds were discovered in Marange,” he said. “It is a shock to me that there is no development despite that Chiadzwa fields have one of the largest diamond deposits in the world, there is no running water, poor roads, while children are walking long distances to go to school,” the ZCDC boss said. De Pretto called for crafting of a diamond policy with a clear mandate for miners to uplift surrounding communities. “The diamond policy should be very clear on rehabilitation of areas where diamond companies are operating, companies should be held accountable over land degradation,” he said. Speaking to NewsDay Weekender, Bocha Diamonds Development Trust board chairperson Lovemore Makwada said: “It’s very unfortunate that these workshops have been held over and over again, coming up with resolutions, but we are still poor in Marange, we are now worried which step we should take to help in the development of Chiadzwa community.”   So. Africa: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may not survive the COVID-19 pandemic; govt /en/so-africa-small-and-medium-sized-enterprises-smes-may-not-survive-the-covid-19-pandemic-govt Wed, 29 Jul 2020 09:48:55 +0100 <>News Ghana 213046 at ‘COVID-19 threatens survival of South Africa SMEs’ 25 July 2020 Deputy Minister of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition Nomalungelo Gina said this while delivering a keynote address at the visual Top Empowerment Conference. Gina said the SMEs are the engine of the economy and employment because most of them are labor-intensive. In March this year, Statistics South Africa released a survey that showed that out of 10.2 million employed South Africans, more than nine million are employed by SMEs. She said SMEs would be forced to retrench and some have started doing that due to the loss of trade. “Because they are most fragile in their balance sheets with no collateral to assist them in accessing credit even in times when the government has cut the base for lending rate. There is also a real danger of liquidity challenges, some companies may face closure and be forced to sell their larger percentages to non-black companies,” she said. She called on the SMEs to use the fourth industrial revolution for their advantage.  “It is now more important to adapt, embrace innovation and technology solutions. Like Asian tigers rise like a typhoon in the ashes of the post Second World War, South Africa can lead the continent to build a resilient economy driven by a stable and rising environment for SMEs, especially black-owned enterprises,” she said. eSwatini: Milling company and police investigating death of employee /en/eswatini-milling-company-and-police-investigating-death-of-employee Wed, 29 Jul 2020 10:21:32 +0100 <>Timothy Simelane, Times of Swaziland 213053 at ‘Swaziland plantations employee crushed to death’ 25 July 2020 At first, it appeared like someone’s clothes were hanging from a conveyor belt, yet it was in fact, the body of a 21-year-old employee of Swaziland Plantations. The man had been crushed to death by a conveyor belt which is said to have first trapped his hand and head before pulling him along and causing fatal injuries. The incident took place just after midnight on Thursday at the company, which is located in Pigg’s Peak. The deceased, who is originally from Mankayane, is said to have been working for a company contracted to Swaziland Plantations. …His duties included cleaning the area under the conveyor belt in that he was tasked to remove the sawdust to ensure that it does not pile up. According to insiders, while carrying out his duties, he was seen putting his hand on the conveyer belt and the assumption was that he was taking out sawdust or some plank. Accidentally, the insiders allege his hand got trapped and it dragged him along. As a result, the sources allege his head and upper body were trapped by the conveyer belt and crushed him in the process resulting in the fatal  injuries. …Meanwhile, the Swaziland Plantations’ Human Resources Manager, Goodman Dlamini, confirmed the incident. Dlamini also confirmed that the man was actually employed by one of their contractors tasked to clean the working area. On the other hand, the human resources manager said the circumstances which led to the man’s death were still being investigated as the matter had been reported to the police. He said it was not clear how the person ended up being pulled in by the conveyor belt as he was found trapped…In fact, the human resources manager mentioned that the section where the accident took place had been closed for the better part of yesterday morning as investigations were still ongoing. He said work would resume as soon as police officers and occupational health and safety officials had finished collecting the necessary evidence. Zimbabwe: Minister’s silence on EITI raise fears that policy no longer on govt.’s radar /en/zimbabwe-minister%E2%80%99s-silence-on-eiti-raise-fears-that-policy-no-longer-on-govt%E2%80%99s-radar Wed, 29 Jul 2020 10:39:00 +0100 <>Bulawayo 24 (Zimbabwe) 213054 at ‘Lawyers worry over Mthuli Ncube silence’ 23 July 2020 The Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (Zela) has noted with concern the silence of the mid-term budget and economic review on the extractive industries transparency initiative (EITI) adoption progress, raising fears that the initiative might be off the country' mining governance policy radar. EITI is a progressive initiative in the advancement of open and accountable management of the extractive industry.  In its mid-term budget and economic review analysis, Zela said the government continues to speak about transparency and accountability in the mining sector, but with no tangible actions on the ground as well as a framework to guide this. …Zela said the 2020 national budget, however, only gave a light reference to the continued multistakeholder discussions on joining EITI. "Zela did not lose hope because of the light touch that the government did on EITI during the 2020 national budget. What was important was that the government had at least maintained the EITI narrative in its 2019/2020 national budget," it said. However, when presenting his mid-term budget and economic review last Thursday, Finance minister Mthuli Ncube remained mum on the EITI issue. …The environmental lawyers said the development raised speculation that probably "it's out of fear that the standard would expose the rot and corruption in the mining sector, and this could be detrimental to the military and politicians holding government positions who have been alleged to be involved heavily in mineral exploration." "There is a huge possibility that the government might not want to adopt EITI because it is afraid that it will expose the corruption and mining revenue mismanagement by political elites," Zela said. However, it said all hope was not lost on the mining transparency policy front, with the government committing to improve transparency in the mining sector, something that resonates with the country's 2013 Constitution on public finance management principles. Nigeria: Telecommunications giant’s debt could spark diplomatic row as tensions rise over unpaid employees /en/nigeria-telecommunications-giant%E2%80%99s-debt-could-spark-diplomatic-row-as-tensions-rise-over-unpaid-employees Wed, 29 Jul 2020 11:27:47 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213057 at A debt to ex-employees of telecommunication giant Globacom could raise diplomatic tensions according to News Wire Nigeria’s report. The article alleges that that Globacom cheated about 40 Indian ex-Globacom personnel of their wages and entitlements, and has spent over half-decade of international shenanigans and intrigues to avoid paying them including dodging the Nigerian court system amongst many other things. Five years later, those entitlements are still being owed despite several parleys between the ex-staff and the company. On at least one occasion as far back as 2016, after the ex-employees got the Indian High Commission, Abuja involved in the matter, official communication from Globacom’s Head of HR came in, promising that payment was being processed and they would receive their entitlements shortly. Business and Human Rights Resource Centre invited Globacom to respond to the allegations. It did not. Nigeria: Tension rise over unpaid entitlements to Indian workers 4 years on /en/nigeria-tension-rise-over-unpaid-entitlements-to-indian-workers-4-years-on Wed, 29 Jul 2020 11:30:38 +0100 <>David Hundeyin, News Wire Nigeria 213058 at ‘The debt could spark a diplomatic row: Inside Indian workers’ 4-Year battle for their entitlements with Globacom’ 17 June 2020 For decades, there has been a mutually beneficial relationship between India and Nigeria in terms of providing highly skilled manpower to build businesses at a significantly reduced cost, relative to what it would take to bring a European or an American to Nigeria. Nigerian FMCGs, building contractors, telecom firms and professional consultancies have long looked eastward to the world’s largest democracy for skilled personnel who are relatively affordable and can absorb the inconveniences of living in a developing country. …Backing from this kind of wealth makes it near-impossible to hold his businesses to account if they act in bad faith, but that is exactly what 40 Indian nationals who used to be employed as expatriate staff at Globacom are trying to do. Led by Alex James Murikan, an entrepreneur in Chennai, India, who worked as a General Manager at Globacom between 2010 and 2015, this group of employees is doing everything they can to draw attention to what they say is Adenuga’s refusal to ise payment of their wages and accumulated paid leave entitlements before they were laid off on October 23, 2015. Having worked at Glo typically for 5 to 8 years, their contracts were not renewed in 2015, and they returned to India having received letters stating that they would be paid all that they were due. …Not even a chillingly worded letter from a nuclear armed government was enough to convince Glo to pay up however, and as Alex and several sources confirmed, Glo continued to plan its twice-yearly recruitment visit to India by senior HR officials. According to documents I sighted, one Mr. Tony Ighalo and another Glo employee simply identified as Mr. Donnie arrived in Delhi, India on December 17, 2016, which our little band of outlaws got wind of. They immediately notified the Indian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which promptly dispatched a letter to Delhi police instructing them to arrest the Globacom officials on charges of Cheating and Violating immigration rules by recruiting Indians without a valid license. Globacom did not respond /en/globacom-did-not-respond Wed, 29 Jul 2020 11:33:42 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 213059 at Globacom did not respond Africa: Governments should create computer literacy programs, targeting women to boost equality in the tech sector /en/africa-governments-should-create-computer-literacy-programs-targeting-women-to-boost-equality-in-the-tech-sector Wed, 29 Jul 2020 09:59:09 +0100 <>Palesa Libe, CGTN 213051 at ‘Opening the tech sector to Africa's women’ 26 July 2020 From Women in Tech conferences to Girls Who Code programs, initiatives aimed at enabling girls and women to enter the so-called STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) have proliferated in recent years. But change has been slow to arrive: while the percentage of women in the labor force has gradually increased, it remains significantly lower in the tech sector. Given that sector's central role in driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this amounts to a major drain on economies' potential. …In today's digital economy, women's relative lack of connectivity undermines their capacity to reach their economic potential. Even women with their own "analog" businesses, such as dressmakers or hairdressers, suffer when they cannot advertise online, let alone use technological tools to monitor, measure, and optimize their operations. These women can often afford to buy mobile phones and data. It would be easy for mobile providers to offer basic digital-literacy workshops, showing users how to perform basic online tasks such as creating email accounts.  …But women can fulfill this role only if they have the right knowledge and tools. To that end, African governments should create computer literacy programs, targeting women from rural areas, in particular. Improving access to information and communications technologies (ICT), especially internet-enabled mobile phones, would go a long way toward supporting these efforts. Initiatives aimed directly at African primary- and secondary-school students – such as computer coding and robotics courses – are also needed. But, given enduring gender gaps in education – as well as the gender-based social pressures that perpetuate them – extra attention must be devoted to ensuring that girls are not left behind. 香港:アクティビスト、サン電子子会社に警察へのデータ解析サービス停止を要望 /en/node/213088 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 17:38:01 +0100 <>Japan In-Depth 213088 at 「対中政策で超党派議員連盟発足」2020年7月29日 …衆議院議員会館で「対中政策に関する国会議員連盟(Japan Parliamentary Alliance on China:JPAC)」(仮称)が設立総会を開いた… まず、香港の自決を掲げる政党「デモシスト(香港衆志(ほんこんしゅうし:Demosistō)」(現在は解散)初代主席の羅 冠聡(らかんそう:Nathan Law ネイサン・ロー)氏(現在英国滞在)によるビデオメッセージが上映された。 ネイサン氏は、香港警察がデモ参加者に対する不当逮捕や私刑など、権限の乱用を行っていることを非難した上で、押収した携帯電話のデータを解析し、情報網を構築している事を問題視。このデータ解析サービスを香港警察に提供しているイスラエルのセレブライト(Cellebrite)社に対し、サービスの提供を中止するよう署名活動を始めたことを明らかにした。 また、このセレブライト社の親会社が日本企業のサン電子株式会社であることから、日本政府としてサービス停止に向け出来ることを行ってほしいと要望した… Chile: Autoridad judicial solicita estudios de agua por la extracción de litio en el Salar de Atacama /en/node/213015 Tue, 28 Jul 2020 20:19:37 +0100 <>Observatorio de Conflictos mineros de América Latina 213015 at "Juez ambiental chileno urge por estudio de agua en “frágil” Salar de Atacama" - 27 de julio de 2020- ...Un juez ambiental de Chile reiteró el llamado para completar un estudio sobre agua respaldado por el Estado para resolver las dudas acerca de la sostenibilidad en la extracción de recursos que afectan al Salar de Atacama, una de las mayores reservas mundiales de litio...El agua fresca y salina, donde se encuentra el metal ligero, ha sido por mucho tiempo un punto de conflicto para las mineras en el salar, que está en el desierto más árido del mundo...Mauricio Oviedo, presidente del Tribunal Ambiental de Antofagasta, una región que alberga toda la extracción de litio del país y buena parte de la producción de cobre, calificó el salar como “muy frágil”...“El Estado de Chile (…) sería deseable que tuviese un modelo hidrológico que nos permitiera saber con mayor certeza el comportamiento del salar”, dijo en una entrevista con Reuters...“Parece hasta de sentido común que finalmente si queremos hacer una minería sustentable en el salar, que efectivamente tengamos todos los elementos sobre la mesa”, agregó...La corte solicitó un estudio por primera vez en diciembre, cuando cuestionó un plan de mitigación de 25 millones de dólares entregado por el productor chileno de litio SQM, diciendo que se había basado en ciencia cuestionable...El tribunal no puede exigir un estudio del agua, pero la agencia de fomento Corfo, que supervisa las pertenencias en el salar contrató un modelo hidrológico, que se ha retrasado repetidamente desde 2018... Colombia: Sindicato petrolero denuncia precariedad laboral de médicos del sistema de salud de Ecopetrol /en/node/213019 Tue, 28 Jul 2020 20:48:37 +0100 <>Unión Sindical Obrera USO 213019 at "Médicos especialistas de Ecopetrol, abandonados a su suerte" - 27 de julio de 2020- ...Desde hace varios años la Unión Sindical Obrera viene insistiendo en la necesidad de revisar a fondo el modelo de contratación de todo el personal médico que labora para el sistema exceptuado de salud en Ecopetrol. Esto debido a que el artículo 35 de la Convención Colectiva de Trabajo establece la obligación de la contratación directa, con buenas condiciones laborales que dignifiquen esta labor misional e importante...Lamentablemente, desde la Gerencia Integral de Salud se ha promovido un modelo de contratación perverso y lesivo, incluso con tarifas desactualizadas, como son las tarifas ISS, en donde se busca la explotación del personal sin reconocer económicamente la formación, le experiencia, el profesionalismo, el esfuerzo, la dedicación y el sentido de pertenencia que TODO el personal médico, tanto directo como contratista, ha demostrado con los beneficiarios del sistema exceptuado y que se evidencia en los resultados positivos en la salud de cada uno de los beneficiarios... Colombia: Petrobras cancela sus actividades de exploración en reserva forestal del Tolima /en/node/213042 Wed, 29 Jul 2020 07:35:41 +0100 <>El Nuevo Día 213042 at “Petrobras ya no adelantará actividades exploratorias en Bosque de Galilea” - 28 de julio de 2020 ... La multinacional Petrobras, empresa titular de un bloque petrolero en el Bosque de Galilea, confirmó que canceló las actividades de exploración que venía desarrollando desde hace aproximadamente dos años en la vereda Galilea de Villarrica. La noticia fue informada por el mandatario Julio César Pérez... “La empresa Petrobras, que hasta hace algunos días venía adelantando intervenciones en esta reserva forestal, hoy se ha visto abocada a cancelar las actividades que tenían planeadas para la perforación del pozo exploratorio Himalaya 1”, expresó el burgomaestre... Cabe recordar que las comunidades del oriente del Tolima se unieron y organizaron pacíficamente, para defender este pulmón verde del departamento y el país desde hace varios años, asimismo, Cortolima en 2018 le solicitó a Petrobras suspender las actividades teniendo en cuenta que se estaba adelantando el trámite para declarar el Bosque como área protegida, protección que se logró al finalizar el 2019... Ahora los tolimenses espera que se avance en el Plan de Manejo Ambiental de ‘Galilea’ que es oficialmente un patrimonio verde de Colombia... ARTICLE 19 & Danish Institute for Human Rights assist .ORG operator Public Interest Registry in its human rights efforts /en/article-19-danish-institute-for-human-rights-assist-org-operator-public-interest-registry-in-its-human-rights-efforts Mon, 27 Jul 2020 09:18:05 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 212928 at ARTICLE 19 and the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) have collaborated to assist the Public Interest Registry (PIR), operator of .ORG and other top-level domain names, in its human rights efforts. Following a policy review and discussion, PIR intends to incorporate an explicit commitment to international human rights in its existing policies. Uzbek, Tajik Migrant Workers Stranded In Kazakhstan /en/uzbek-tajik-migrant-workers-stranded-in-kazakhstan Mon, 27 Jul 2020 15:02:13 +0100 <>Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Czechia) 212952 at 3 July 2020 Almost 2,000 Tajik and Uzbek citizens are stranded in Kazakhstan’s southern region of Turkistan because they are unable to travel back 澳门线上真人正规博彩home due to restrictions imposed to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The majority of those stranded at the Zhibek Zholy (Silk Road) checkpoint are male labor migrants who lost their jobs in Kazakhstan after many businesses shut down following lockdown measures. Some of them told RFE/RL that they have been waiting for Uzbekistan to open the border crossing for more than a week. Some 2,000 Uzbek Migrants Stranded In Kazakhstan Allowed To Cross Border, Head 澳门线上真人正规博彩home /en/some-2000-uzbek-migrants-stranded-in-kazakhstan-allowed-to-cross-border-head-澳门线上真人正规博彩home Mon, 27 Jul 2020 15:08:53 +0100 <>Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Czechia) 212953 at 9 July 2020 Some 2,000 Uzbek migrant workers stranded in Kazakhstan for weeks have been allowed to enter Uzbekistan. The governor of Kazakhstan’s southern Saryaghash district, Mukhit Otarshiev, told RFE/RL on July 9 that the migrants left the Zhibek Zholy (Silk Road) checkpoint at the Kazakh-Uzbek border overnight. Otarshiev added that, by the evening of July 8, the number of Uzbek migrant workers gathered at the checkpoint had reached 3,400, of whom some 2,000 were now on their way 澳门线上真人正规博彩home. "Today, 500 more Uzbek nationals will leave the site and travel back to Uzbekistan. Uzbek Embassy officials promised us that by the end of the day today, the remaining Uzbek citizens will be allowed to enter Uzbekistan," Otarshiev said. Uzbek migrant workers unable to re-enter country due to pandemic, stranded in Kazakhstan /en/uzbek-migrant-workers-unable-to-re-enter-country-due-to-pandemic-stranded-in-kazakhstan Mon, 27 Jul 2020 15:37:03 +0100 <>Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 212955 at